• PortAventura World has joined the B Corp community, which recognises the work of companies that use their strength to generate a positive impact on society and on the environment. In this way, its events division, PortAventura Business & Events, has also become part of the B Corp movement.
  • On 21 April, PortAventura World announced to its employees and stakeholders this great corporate milestone, which also involves PortAventura Business & Events and its Convention Centre, as they carry out their activities in full alignment with the company’s ESG strategy and implement multiple initiatives to promote sustainability in its corporate events.

25 April 2023

 PortAventura World has been recognised as a B Corp company, which means that PortAventura Business & Events, the events division of PortAventura World that is in charge of the PortAventura Convention Centre, has also managed to become part of the B Corp movement thanks to its positive impact on society and care for the environment. PortAventura World has successfully passed the strict impact measurement requirements to be a B Corp company, reaching high compliance standards in environmental, social, and good governance performance.

Becoming a part of B Corp started from a new corporate purpose, “At PortAventura World, we create unforgettable experiences that have a positive impact on people while taking care of the planet”, which has been included in amendments to the articles of association to adapt the company object and powers of the board in line with B Corp requirements.

Choni Fernández, Director of Sustainability at PortAventura World, said that “joining the B Corp movement is an important recognition of the responsible management practices, both social and environmental, that we implement throughout the company, including the PortAventura Convention Centre, but above all a driving force to continue with this long-term goal.”

 PortAventura Convention Centre’s responsible initiatives and projects

Since its very beginnings, in 2009, PortAventura Convention Centre has integrated responsible management into its business strategy guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

One of its main strategies is the evolution towards a circular economy by reducing the generation of waste and the use of plastic. Along these lines, the Convention Centre has increased the number of water dispensers to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and uses recycled materials for the centre’s signage.

In addition, PortAventura Business & Events makes available to its clients a series of practices that help to make the events it hosts as sustainable as possible. For example, streamlining and reusing the materials used, prioritising the use of digital formats, avoiding the use of products whose manufacturing is not sustainable, choosing menus that contain seasonal and local products, etc.

Moreover, at a social level, PortAventura Business & Events contributes to providing job placements for people with Down’s syndrome, adapts its services to people with impaired vision and hearing, and, through the PortAventura Foundation, promotes fundraising activities and makes it easier to purchase gifts of a responsible, ethical, and eco-friendly nature for attendees.

Finally, PortAventura Business & Events offers team building activities that promote sustainability and collaboration with groups at risk of social exclusion. These include the reforestation of green spaces, the improvement of facilities for public use, and the provision of practical courses on healthy habits.

To summarise, PortAventura Business & Events is firmly committed, both socially and environmentally, to the area in which it operates, by offering sustainable and planet-friendly services.

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