Wi-Fi and data connection

The PortAventura Convention Centre has a wired and wireless access infrastructure, capable of providing high-speed internet and data network connectivity (1), adaptable to the needs of the client.

Our wired data network has the capacity to provide a connection to the end user of up to 1Gbps, per port. In addition, the event organiser has the option of providing a wired network to users in any area of ​​the Convention Centre and creating as many independent networks as necessary (2).

Our wireless data network, in the Convention Centre rooms, is measured and designed in order to offer connectivity to attendees, respecting the maximum capacity of each room. The event organiser can request the creation of independent wireless networks with the type of security that is desired in order to control access to them (3).

We have a 100% guaranteed, redundant 10Gbps symmetrical data connection, providing 99.99% availability. It is controlled by a firewall and a bandwidth manager, which allow:

  • Control of web browsing and the use of applications that require internet access.
  • Bandwidth management by network, by device or by application.
  • Generation of reports on internet usage.

(1) Bandwidth included in the price of the rooms through the “Convention Centre” Wi-Fi network: 50Mbps symmetrical, expandable according to the client’s needs. Ask for a quote.
(2) Possibility of multiple creation of VLANs.
(3) The Client can request the creation of different SSIDs with the type of security they want (WEP, WPA, WPA2 …) and establish their own access key.