Audiovisual content

Booster Audiovisual Solutions combines technical production experience, considerable audiovisual innovation skill, and in-depth knowledge of the event venue with an exceptional team of designers and programmers, to deliver innovative and disruptive multimedia content.

3D video mapping

3D video mapping transforms physical objects or structures into projectable surfaces with a three-dimensional effect. We create multimedia content using the most advanced 3D design tools and cutting-edge laser projection hardware to develop turnkey projects that communicate the message effectively and make an impact.

App, interactive solutions, and gamification systems development

We use next generation technologies to develop interactive solutions and gamification systems adapted to any event.


Our tailored proposals are created with advanced tools and techniques to ensure innovative and interactive multimedia products.


We offer an exceptional and differentiating user experience that encourages engagement with the events.

Virtual and augmented reality

We design immersive experiences through virtual environments and content that allow interaction with the real world during presentations and corporate events.


Augmented reality technology is superimposed on the real environment, making digital content accessible through screens and mobile devices.


Holographic multimedia content that transforms events into advanced technology and is displayed using projection systems and mirrors that provide a futuristic 3D aspect and add impact to the experience.

Other services

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