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Stand Portaventura B&E


Felip Puig , Miquel Valls y el equipo de Portaventura B&E

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Primer Aniversario Club Cambra de la Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona

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Portaventura Business&Events en la Casa Llotja de Mar


Felip Puig, Miquel Valls en el stand de Portaventura B&E

On Thursday 17 January 2013, celebrations were held at Casa LLotja de Mar in Barcelona for the first anniversary of Club Cambra”, the platform of the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona which aims to promote contact between companies, internationalisation, fair competition and training, among many other things.

This event was attended by Miquel Valls, President of the Barcelona Cambra (Chamber of Commerce), and the Generalitat’s Minister for Industry and Work Felip Puig, together with around 500 businessmen and women, members of Club Cambra.

PortAventura Business & Events is proud to be one of the biggest partners of the club, with which it has entered into strategic agreements such as, for example, offering discounts on services to its members. Furthermore, during the course of the event, there was the opportunity to exhibit its product and special terms and conditions for associates. The various benefits include a 30% discount on conference rooms, a welcome drink for attendees, secretary’s office free of charge, etc.

Another reason why PortAventura Business & Events strives to be one of the big partners is to be able to take advantage of possible synergies with the club. Just one year after it was founded, Club Cambra already has more than 21,000 members, who are able to access over 1500 chambers all over the world; a virtual corporate network that creates new business opportunities for its members.

Felip Puig, in his first public engagement as Minister for Industry and Work, underlined the need for greater dialogue between the Generalitat and business institutions, and for a greater capacity for concentration to overcome the current tendency towards fragmentation and combine strengths and initiatives, creating synergies and taking full advantage of opportunities to generate wealth.   On his part, Miquel Valls presented a positive balanced view of the first twelve months of this initiative, declaring a  “promising future”.

In short,  the expectations  of this merger are great: to combine efforts, create new initiatives, promote business relations and seize opportunities to generate wealth.

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