Why is the quality department considered important within a company?

Because it is an internal source that provides guarantees and motivation for fulfilment of the vision and needs of the client of a company or institution, which is essential to ensure profitability. A company that was founded with the aim of obtaining returns on investments, according to the chosen positioning for their products or services, must be able to ensure this and we could say that the Quality Department is watching over the process from many different viewing points, to make sure that this perception or customer experience is consistent with the expectations of the product or service and it encourages them to recommend us or come back.

What is day-to-day life like for a quality department such as Peugeot?

Above all, analytical, creative and an internal driving force towards quality.

Why did you select PortAventura Business & Events for viewing of quality processes?

Besides the fact that Peugeot is a privileged partner of PortAventura, it was a perfect opportunity to get to know other products and services different to our own.

Do you believe it is positive to exchange experiences and developments in quality departments of different companies?

Of course, getting away from the daily routine and exploring other experiences makes your mind consider other ways of working and motivates the teams behind quality control.

What was your role during the event?

As Quality Manager for Peugeot, to reach the targets set for the day and respond to participants’ concerns.

After the experience, and from the viewpoint of the quality department, which aspects attracted your attention most during your visit?

Excellent organisation, content and manner of presentation from everyone representing PortAventura Business & Events and its facilities.

How much importance do you give to “team building” activities? Do you think that the Park and Convention Centre facilities cater to them?

The convention centre facilities allow the integration of teams and fluency in communication between them. To be able to experience this duality of both work and play is the perfect option.

What is the most exciting memory of the two days spent on site at PortAventura?

When our participants could see for themselves what we do with our brand PEUGEOT in terms of CRM and Quality, which is equally important and similar to other brands such as PortAventura.


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