The new attraction will beat a double European record for being the highest (112 metres) and fastest (180 km/h) roller coaster.

This milestone marks a defining moment in the construction of Ferrari Land, the theme park that will faithfully reproduce the true spirit of the Prancing Horse.

The arrival of Ferrari Land will consolidate PortAventura World’s position as a leading holiday destination in the world that offers 3 theme parks in one resort.


PortAventura World Parks & Resort continues with works for what is destined to be the jewel in the crown for Ferrari Land, the new theme park inspired by the Prancing Horse, which will soon become part of the resort’s range of family leisure activities. The construction team achieved one of its most challenging goals by reaching the highest point (a height of 112 metres) of Europe’s future highest roller coaster.

A team of experts has been commissioned to manually screw in the last piece and calibrate and adjust the structure, in an action of extreme complexity that has required the use of two cranes that stand over 120 metres high. Luis Carlos Valencia, PortAventura’s development manager, explained that “as in the case of Shambhala, this has been an operation of almost surgical precision, only possible under optimal wind conditions“.

The Ferrari Land accelerator will stand at a mighty height of 112 metres and will take the title of Europe’s highest roller coaster, even beating PortAventura World Parks and Resort’s very own Shambhala (76 metres). This vertical accelerator will be an incredible experience for speed lovers: passengers will experience the same sensations that are felt in Formula 1 racing with an acceleration of 180 km/h in just 5 seconds, the equivalent of 1.35 G. They are shot 112 metres into the air, and then plummet back down at a maximum 90° angle.


Greatly inspired by the F1 legend, the attraction will be entirely painted in “Rosso Corsa”, the charismatic and exclusive racing-red colour typically associated with Ferrari.

A record-breaking project

The Ferrari Land vertical accelerator will be an incredible addition to the records held by PortAventura Parks throughout its 20 year history. Ferrari Land will occupy an area of 60,000 m2 and will have many exciting new attractions, that are pumped with adrenaline and have a significant technological bias -a treat for families and fans of the Ferrari brand of all ages.

The greatest challenge faced by PortAventura Resort’s development team has been to create a project that faithfully reproduces the essence of Ferrari with the utmost respect for PortAventura Parks’ own special way of creating dreams for visitors“, adds Luis Carlos Valencia.

Ferrari Land is the largest project in the history of PortAventura Resort, with an investment of approximately 100 million Euros. More than 50 companies have been involved in the various phases of the project and it is expected that, once opened, it will generate up to 150 direct and indirect jobs.

The completion of the construction of Ferrari Land is scheduled for late 2016, and following the grand opening, PortAventura World Parks & Resort is confident of attracting 5 million visitors per year.

Technical data

>   This roller coaster will achieve speeds similar to those experienced by a Formula One driver during races.

>   The track will cover a distance of more than 880 metres and the ride will last 180 seconds.

>   There will be 3 trains, with 12 seats each.

>   The ride will set two new European records:

1. Europe’s highest roller coaster (112 metres)

2. Europe’s fastest roller coaster (180 km/h)

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