Canal CEO Breakfasts are monthly meetings for senior management that focus on emotions.  In light of this commitment to provide content targeted at top executives, last 14th February saw the first “Canal CEO Breakfast” event at the APD headquarters.   This first meeting was attended by about a dozen senior managers and moderated by Juanma López Iturriaga and Juan Ramón Lucas.  In attendance was Laura Valdeolivas:  SALES DIRECTOR.

This type of breakfast mainly focuses on the emotional aspects of CEOs, mostly those within medium and large companies.

An important figure at these gatherings is the moderator, as well as the participants at each of the meetings.  They are always carried out through an important and renowned journalist and at the very least a leading figure in the world of art, sport, gastronomy, etc.

Víctor Condés, director of marketing and institutional relations at APD, clarifies the project, stating that “APD’s mission is to work with the company through the personal and professional development of its executives. We are convinced that the emotional aspects are prominent in the daily lives of management personnel, and especially for CEOs.  To discuss, share experiences, exchange views, will enrich us all.”

“Helpful thoughts for the Chief Emotional Officer”

This will be the official tagline for the 10 breakfasts that will be held during this year.  A very apt maxim for the events, each welcoming around ten or so company directors.  Here the objective is to discuss and reflect on the most emotional and inspiring aspects. A different way of understanding communication, in which different contents are offered to arouse client interest.

The next meeting and second edition of the Canal CEO Breakfasts will be held on Thursday 27th February under the title “As CEO, do you interpret the emotional orchestrations of your business?”.   A day that will again be moderated by Fernando Olmeda and will be graced by the very special presence of Iñigo Pirfano, founder and director of Madrid Academic Orchestra and awarded the 2011 Young Leadership Award by the Rafael del Pino Foundation.

In attendance Laura Valdeolivas:  SALES DIRECTOR.





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