The hotel chain ‘Room Mate Hotels’ held a Team Building day in PortAventura Park. The PortAventura Convention Centre was the meeting point for all participants.

Antonio Llorente, former basketball player for Real Madrid, with a career spanning over 20 years and director of  Gold Events, organised a gymkhana team event at  PortAventura under the slogan ‘Live your own adventure‘; a competition that sought to encourage attendee participation through various trials.

At the start of the event, teams assembled in the Harvard Room of the Convention Centre in preparation for the team building activities.

The more daring amongst them tackled PortAventura Park’s five theme areas to test their personal, organisational, coordination and, above all, teamwork, skills. Participants had to collect as many points as possible in over 2 hours of the activity.

Toñín Llorente y Kike Sarasola

Kike Sarasola and Antonio Llorente


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