On Saturday 13 April 2013, Foundation SHE, with the collaboration of Fundació PortAventura and managed by the Business & Events team, held its first charity benefit at PortAventura. The 1st Day of the Heart gathered together more than 500 people, coming from various areas of Catalonia, who accompanied the foundation team in an event principally aimed at promoting health awareness and raising funds for „Programa SI!“, which has been implemented in 98 schools in Spain.

PortAventuraand its own Foundation wished to support this Integral Health Programme, showing, yet again, its interest in events of a responsible nature. Foundation SHE is an initiative of Dr. Valentín Fuster, based on scientific research with the objective of promoting health through communication and education.  Its premise lies in the belief that health habits formed during childhood improve quality of life at an adult age. For this reason, they have created Programa SI! which is divided into the different educational stages (Nursery, Primary, Secondary) taking into account the immediate environment of the child/adolescent. The acquisition of healthy eating habits, development of physical activity, knowledge on how the body works and the management of emotions to protect against addictions and consumption of strange substances are the fundamental four components of the programme.


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