servicio audiovisual en eventos corporativos

PortAventura World, 13 June 2024

PortAventura World and Bmotion Audiovisual present Booster Audiovisual Solutions, an alliance whose key objective is to take the audiovisual experience at events organised by PortAventura Business & Events to the next level. The joint venture represents a shared commitment to drive forward innovation, efficiency and growth in a constantly evolving events market.

Booster Audiovisual Solutions has secured an initial investment of more than 2 million euros in the most advanced technology

It has audiovisual equipment and a large multidisciplinary team of experts in technology, content design, audiovisual R&D and application development, interactivity and event production. This combination of resources allows the new brand to offer unique experiences during events organised at the PortAventura Convention Centre, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

Malin Nilsson, director of PortAventura Business & Events, highlighted Booster Audiovisual Solutions relies on its own team of experts in digital solutions who reinforce our value proposition. With Bmotion Audiovisual’s technological experience and PortAventura Business & Events’ knowledge of the events sector, we’re able to provide adapted and personalised service to each of our clients, obtaining the maximum performance out of the many possibilities our venue offers“. For her part, Alicia Collantes, CEO of Bmotion Audiovisual, said that „this new brand is capable of delivering a lot of value, with its very complete offer, facilitating technically impeccable and emotionally captivating experiences, for any event and budget. This commitment to excellence and detail is what sets Booster Audiovisual Solutions apart.“

Booster Audiovisual Solutions provides advanced all-in-one digital technological solutions for the production of events that simplify and improve management

The semi-permanent installation of the more advanced audiovisual equipment in the venues reduces event set-up times, customising services according to different needs and allowing the venues to be transformed in record time.

Booster Audiovisual Solutions works using a careful audiovisual design methodology, structuring each project with planimetries and renderings, taking charge of the technical production of all events held at PortAventura Convention Centre. The company offers a comprehensive set of 360º services, including the management of audiovisual equipment, the design of multimedia content and the provision of digital services, as well as ephemeral architecture and stage design services.

Its complete range of available multimedia content includes 3D design, video production, animated graphics and other visual effects, as well as video mapping, holography, augmented reality, virtual reality and gamification. As for scenography, stand or hospitality design, it is worth mentioning that they are executed using sustainable materials.

Booster Audiovisual Solutions is an initiative aimed at becoming a technological and innovative partner for all events held at PortAventura Convention Centre. Among the actions planned to achieve this goal, the centre will soon have a large immersive room that will offer unique audiovisual experiences to PortAventura Business & Events clients.

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