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PortAventura es la Sede de los Juegos Inter Agencias (IAG por sus siglas en inglés) que celebra la ONU anualmente y en los que participan más de 1.500 personas procedentes de más de 127 países, lo que supone un éxito de participación en comparación a los juegos celebrados el año pasado en Nueva York.

La cita arrancó ayer, 29 de abril y terminará este domingo 3 de mayo, siendo PortAventura la Sede de los Juegos y la Villa Oficial. El acto de apertura de los Juegos se celebró ayer en el área temática de Mediterránea del parque temático PortAventura. El objetivo de estos Juegos es reunir a los miembros activos y retirados de las más de 50 agencias internacionales de la ONU tales como ACNUR, UNICEF, IAEA, UNOG o la UNESCO para estrechar lazos a través del deporte y otras actividades recreativas, y de este modo mejorar el entendimiento mutuo en las relaciones de trabajo.

En la 42º edición de los IAG participarán más de 1.500 personas entre deportistas, voluntarios, jueces y árbitros deportivos procedentes de más 127 países de todo el mundo. Todos ellos competirán en 13 disciplinas en más de 70 instalaciones tanto en PortAventura como en municipios de Costa Daurada como Salou, Tarragona o Cambrils.

Laura Valdeolivas, directora de PortAventura Business & Events  afirma: “agradezco la confianza que el Comité Organizador de la ONU y la Agencia Always Sports han depositado en nosotros. Además, me gustaría hacer una especial mención a todos los asistentes a los Juegos que participan de forma voluntaria en el evento, con el objetivo de mejorar sus relaciones profesionales a través del deporte”.

Leroy Brown, Chairperson de los Juegos de la ONU ha destacado “la involucración de los organismos e instituciones públicas de la Costa Daurada, en especial al Patronato de Turismo de la Diputación de Tarragona y los Ayuntamientos de Tarragona, Salou y Cambrils” y agradeció especialmente la organización de  PortAventura Business  & Events y la colaboración de los partners (Cola-Cola, Decathlon y Autocares Plana) “sin cuya participación no hubiéramos podido organizar estos juegos”.

Leroy Brown

Malcom Johnson, Deputy Secretary General de la International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

Por su parte, Toni Alquezar, socio fundador de Always Sport, la agencia organizadora de los Juegos, destacó la importancia del evento: “un proyecto basado en acuerdos con partners privados locales y organismos públicos, que ayudasen a impulsar los Juegos logrando un proyecto innovador y económicamente sostenible” y agradeció al equipo de PortAventura el trabajo tan duro que han realizado para hacerlos posible: “ha sido un placer trabajar con el equipo de Business & Events para afrontar este reto, por su implicación y amplia experiencia en la organización de este tipo de eventos”.

2014 has been the year of excellence for MICE industry events. Not only due to the conferences, networking, trade fairs and workshops that took place during the 365 days of the year, but also the mobilisation of attendees and the increasing demand within the sector. PortAventura Business & Events has played a very active role in this progress.

Participating in the M&IT Agency Challenge together with several agencies, learning of the different experiences and getting the various testimonials from the many guests that have passed through the Convention Centre facilities, not to mention the musical event in Festival CapRoig 2014 held in the Caproig Botanical Garden in Girona with special guest Antonio Orozco,  were just some of the events that we were involved in last year. They also included donning our ‘racing caps’ to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Rally RACC Catalunya – Costa Daurada and the events award gala ceremony ‘Eventoplus Awards’.

We also had the opportunity to relive major events at PortAventura such as the Peugeot Convention with visually stunning displays and staging, and to experience firsthand the three-day De’Longhi Group  Convention where we had the pleasure of hearing the testimony given by Alex Barnett, CEO of the De’Longhi Group in Spain and Portugal, among many other events.

Each and every one of these experiences have brought added value to the brand of PortAventura Business & Events.

Therefore 2014 will only surpassed by this one. Once more we are looking to repeat our formula and together we will make 2015 a resounding success: sharing experiences, emotions, visions … And in order to help us adhere to the highest standards possible for this year’s events you can follow us on the various social networks and provide feedback on our facilities and services:

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‘Feria Internacional del Grupo Autodistribution’ 2014

From 9th to 13th November Berlin set the stage for the M&I Forum for Russia & Eastern Europe 2014, one of the most acclaimed Forums in the MICE market. Aitor del Rio, Sales Executive of PortAventura Business&Events, represented PortAventura Business & Events during the 4-day event, making more than 55 different appointments with hosted buyers from different Eastern European countries.

Various Team Building activities were carried out on the different days of the M&I, which were alternated with B2B meetings to create a more discerning and relaxed atmosphere between hosted buyers and suppliers. Amongst the activities that took place were highlights such as the ‘Culinary Tour’ through different restaurants and exploring the German capital in TrabiCars, a guided tour in which participants had to learn about the fun Trabant, a low-cost car produced by manufacturer VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau of Saxony; in its time the most common vehicle in the German Democratic Republic, and also exported to other countries even outside the communist bloc.

The final gala dinner was held at “Axica Kongress”, a large, modern space for events next to the Brandenburg Gate.

The networking meetings between companies and suppliers served to broaden the vision of a market that is gradually becoming more and more focused on the international panorama. Once again the ‘M&I Forums’ provided a benchmark for meetings between companies in Eastern Europe.

Photo: Meeting & Incentive Forums

From 18th to 20th November one of the largest international fairs in the MICE sector EIBTM 2014 took place in Fira Gran Via in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Over the three days it was attended by more than 3000 companies from 150 countries worldwide.

Like every year, the PortAventura Business & Events team was present at the Barcelona and Catalunya Convention Bureau stands. Throughout the trade fair a number of appointments were made with potential new clients, new markets, new partners and others interested in the product.

EIBTM also put on a variety of activities and presentations available to all attendees and based on highly-current topics about the world of conferences and incentives.  Sustainability and adaptation of spaces to new technologies were amongst the issues discussed during the three-day fair.

The day of Wednesday 19th November, began with a “MICE Breakfast” organised by Catalunya Convention Bureau and attended by representatives from major venues in the community and various hosted buyers from all around the world, including Australia, South Africa, Turkey and Austria. In the afternoon, there was a meeting of some of the key players in the British events market hosted by Hotel Republic, representative of PortAventura Business & Events. The meeting was conducted by Montse Garcia, Sales Director of PortAventura Business & Events. To end, a rumba class at the Barcelona Convention Bureau stand provided a distinctive and fun touch to the trade fair, where participants also had the opportunity to learn to play the Spanish guitar.


Foto: Jornada intensiva en uno de los stands de PortAventura Business & Events

The Cap Roig Festival 2014 was held from 4th July to 15th August at the Cap Roig Botanical Gardens in Calella de Palafrugell. Year after year this festival brings together great artists such as: Luz Casal, Dani Martín and James Blunt, to name a few.

PortAventura Business & Events organised for Tuesday 12th August, within the Cap Roig gardens, a networking event attended by marketing and sales directors from leading national companies, and by the press, accompanied by Laura Valdeolivas, Director of PortAventura Business & Events and Victoria Galván, Marketing and Communications Manager of PortAventura Business & Events. Attendees were able to see for themselves the possibilities that PortAventura offers for events management, before enjoying a concert given by Antonio Orozco, and sponsored by PortAventura Business & Events. More than 2000 people who had the opportunity to enjoy and feel the rhythm of this vibrant musical performance.

The singer-songwriter managed to convey his energy and positivity to the entire audience through songs from his latest album and old favourites, such as: “Pedacitos de ti”, “Voces”, “Una y otra vez” and an astounding duet with the Malaga-born singer Pablo López, “No hay más”.

After the show had ended, guests enjoyed a dinner also attended by none other than the Spanish singer-songwriter. Everyone found themselves surrounded by good music, a wonderful atmosphere and a new vision of the corporate range offered by PortAventura Business & Events and its Convention Centre.

Cap Roig Festival 2014 closed its gates on Thursday 15th July, after more than a month of concerts, with outstanding attendance that surely makes Cap Roig a benchmark for summer festivals.


portaventurabe-caproig-4 portaventurabe-caproig-3 portaventurabe-caproig-1


Friday 21st March was the date of the 3rd Canal CEO Breakfast, an initiative sponsored by PortAventura Business & Events and SaxoBank.

The highlight of this latest edition was an appearance from psychologist María Jesús Álava with her book “Las tres claves de la felicidad” [The three keys to happiness]. It was rather fitting that this new book was presented merely hours after the international day of happiness had taken place.

María Jesús Álava was interviewed by journalist Juan Ramón Lucas. Álava explained her experience and revealed her methods of research used to extract as much information and the best documentation possible. In preparation for the book, a study was carried out of more than 700 people from whom conclusions were drawn that were very interesting and crucial for this book. These include the importance of happiness, which is based on self-love, taking charge of one’s own life and, most importantly, learning to forgive oneself.

The study also highlights other areas such as “The happiness of women”. This particular aspect has been in decline over the last decade due to the increased number of roles women fulfil each day and it is also shown that within a corporate structure freelancers are the happiest.

Another issue that arose during the discussion was how is it possible to improve the workplace environment?

Alfonso Morodo, partner at Global Premium Brands, assured that it was necessary to be able to distinguish the orientation given to this type of action, as work must be targeted at producing value.

Productivity fully linked to motivation was also one of the key themes of this breakfast.  Belén Madrid, MICE Director at PortAventura Business & Events, explained that it is important to know how to combine the operational role with a team approach to make it possible for staff to proceed in the same direction initiated by management.

Some of those attending the breakfast emphasised that the CEO must be a figure capable of inspiring and of being inspired and must know how to transmit this sentiment to their team or surroundings.  Psychologist María Jesus Álava maintained that the primary point for this is personal engagement and with the culture and management of the company.

The famous Eventoplus Awards reward, year after year, excellence in the field of events, which constitute a great tool for live communication and can provide exceptional moments of human emotion, connections between people and extraordinary experiences.  PortAventura Business & Events attended the eighth edition of these awards, for which the gala was held at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid. Eventoplus is Spain’s largest media communications group within the MICE sector. Since 2000 it has been a source of inspiration, professionalism, information and assistance for the events sector and all its experts. This year, Laura Valdeolivas, Sales Director of PortAventura Business & Events and PortAventura Convention Centre, attended the awards at the head of the table sponsored by B&E.


Eventoplus Awards were held at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid


PortAventura Business & Events attended the Eventoplus Awards

The PortAventura Business & Events Convention Centre provided the cinematic location for the final weeks of filming of a “Mediterranean thriller” starring Jesús Coronado, María Molins and David Solans. Following the presentation of “Son of Cain” at the Malaga and Tarragona festival and the screenings in Madrid and Barcelona, the two main screening locations, the movie had its big screen premiere on 31st May 2013 and was a resounding success both at the box office and with the critics. Jesús Monllaó, said to the publication TravelManager (June 2013, no. 12) that: “The Convention Centre was chosen as one of the locations for the shooting of Son of Cain due to its ample spaces that adapted fully to the demands of the scenes filmed there. Its natural light, which can be found in almost every room in the centre, was also of vital importance, and also particularly noteworthy is the building architecture, the precision of the technical and human services, continually available and of high quality”.

[youtube 8ODEDjf-X_8 560 315]

On 17 and 18 April, PortAventura Convention Centre hosted the launch and presentation of the new PEUGEOT 2008 to its commercial network, investors and company staff. The famous car brand held an event that lasted 2 days and included over 250 attendees making use of various facilities, technology and services provided by the Convention Centre.

The event was attended by Rafael Prieto, Director General of Peugeot Spain and its management team. During the two days of the event there were different activities such as workshops, exhibitions and conferences. Likewise, the attendees were treated to a banquet, cocktails, entertainment and unique dynamic testing of the new Peugeot 2008 car.

PortAventura Business & Events put at the disposal of attendees PortAventura hotels and restaurants so they could enjoy a first-rate stay. Peugeot Marketing’s Events & Sponsoring Manager Federico Machain declared“It is very difficult to find in Spain a site that has all the characteristics of PortAventura in one, relatively compact, location with a multi-purpose convention centre, rooms, press rooms, parking for the dynamic testing, 4 hotels … All of this makes it very easy to move around, to move people around and to coordinate an event with our specifications, events with many attendees.”

In short, the two days were full of excitement, hard work and a favourable outlook for the future. At PortAventura Business & Events we are proud of the successful launch of Peugeot’s new model 2008.

[youtube hq-yshsRxyk 560 315]

Launch of Peugeot 2008 at PortAventura Business & Events

Launch of Peugeot 2008 at PortAventura Business & Events

On 20 June 2013, Montse Garcia and Aitor del Rio, members of PortAventura Business & Events, attended the “Summer Workshop by Partance”. This took place at the Hotel Pershing Hall, an iconic 18th century building situated in the heart of Paris. The event, organised by Partance, is part of a series of “workshops” that are held throughout the year and are intended solely for associates of the company.

The day, attended by a total of 180 people, was a resounding success. It included a presentation of products offered by the different European destinations specialising in holding corporate events. Among the French agencies present, of particular note were the representatives of Connect Factory, Havas, Ormes and Allegria.

workshop 0613-5569A

Montse Garcia and Aitor del Rio, members of PortAventura Business & Events, at the “Summer Workshop by Partance”


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