Z.one Concept, an Italian firm specialising in professional hair products, has recently held its Hair Fashion Show, attended by 450 clients, at the PortAventura Convention Centre. This four-day event brought together the latest trends in hair looks, a product showroom and an exhibition of the most innovative techniques in the sector.



Z.One Concept, the Italian cosmetic and professional hair product company, held its most recent Hair Fashion Show at the PortAventura Convention Centre. This was a great event from both a corporate and industry perspective since it not only allowed the brand to introduce a new line of products to clients from all over Europe – mainly aesthetics and beauty salon products – but it also helped to keep professionals abreast of the most innovative trends in hair fashion as well as the most advanced techniques in the trade.

According to Ivano Panzeri, founder and president of z.one concept, the facilities offered by PortAventura Business & Events perfectly suited the type of venue he had envisaged for the Hair Fashion Show.

Over the course of four days, 450 guests were able to take advantage of the different areas of the complex. From the terraces and halls of the Convention Centre participants enjoyed different photocall spots sprawled across such wonderful places as The Alexandria Room, main stage of the Hair Fashion Show with its own catwalk set up before a banquet assembly for attendees to enjoy a gala dinner. The Barcino Rooms were transformed for the event into a backstage and hairdressing work area while the Hotel Caribe served as guest accommodation comfortably situated at only a two-minute transfer away from the Convention Centre.

At PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land, all attendees of the event could look forward to wind down for a day of fun and relaxation.

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