This evening, Thursday 23 May 2013, « A Night of Marketing » will be held at La Zarzuela Racecourse in Madrid, an event organised by the Marketing Association of Spain in order to host the ceremony for the 2013 National Marketing Awards. The main objectives of this association are: to contribute towards the development of marketing culture amongst professionals, companies and institutions, to act as a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences and a meeting point and networking forum for professionals and to develop guidelines for professional self-regulation, codes of conduct, professional certification, etc.

A few days ago, PortAventura Business & Events sponsored a lunch prior to the 2013 National Marketing Awards in Madrid. The chosen location was the well-know restaurant Casa de Monico and it was attended by members of the judging panel and the sponsors of this year’s event. Finally, it remains to be said that Victoria Galván, Marketing & Communication Manager of Business & Events PortAventura Convention Centre, with Laura Valdeolivas, Sales Director Business & Events PortAventura Convention Centre, welcomed guests and were in charge of organising the gathering.


Victoria Galván with some guests

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