• This makes it one of the first venues ready to resume activities.

• In a year marked by a pandemic that has had an unprecedented impact on the global movement of people, and the MICE sector in particular, the PortAventura Business & Events team has worked hard over the past few months in order to offer a safe environment.

• To protect the health of clients, employees, and partners as much as possible, PortAventura Business & Events has implemented all the safety, physical distancing and hygiene measures stipulated by the authorities and certified by external auditors.

• One of the advantages of the PortAventura Convention Centre in this new reality is the immense size of its rooms and large open spaces, which makes it easier to adhere to new physical distancing regulations. In addition, the large terraces and gardens that surround the building offer a multitude of options for new event formats outside.

22 June 2020. –  PortAventura Convention Centre reopens its doors on 8 July after several months during which the PortAventura Business & Events team has worked to redefine its strategy, establish new procedures, and adapt to the demands of the sector’s new reality.

PortAventura Convention Centre is ready to open its doors on 8 July. In the first phase of the return to activity, the company has launched a number of special measures to guarantee the safety of visitors, employees, and partners:

• Temperature checks at the entrance to the convention centre, the parks and the hotels.

• Use of face mask is mandatory throughout the resort.

• New hygiene regulations and availability of disinfecting solutions throughout the resort.

• Reduction of visitor numbers and implementation of a new flow system, to avoid large gatherings, keep direct contact to an absolute minimum and guarantee a distance of 1.5 metres between people.

• Placement of signs and information displays to prevent risks and make the necessary information available to event attendees.

All these measures are being audited through a team of external advisers who have examined the procedures and infrastructures of the prevention programme. And they will continue to adapt to the changes and variations that are produced in the following months. PortAventura World Resort will open with the “Safe Tourism Certified” seal promoted by the Spanish Tourism Quality Institute (ICTE).

The objective is to ensure the best experience by complying with every single   measure. PortAventura Convention Centre has a surface area of 20,000m2 with 24 rooms and a maximum capacity for 6,000 people. Its recent expansion incorporates a room that can be divided into three, the ROMA Room, which has a total area of ​​more than 2,000m2, natural light and views of the spectacular Mediterranean location. In addition, the expansion project incorporates a kitchen of 880m2, which will complement the catering service offered by the convention centre.

Coinciding with the reinstatement of the activities, on 8 July PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land, and hotels PortAventura, Gold River, Mansión de Lucy and Colorado Creek will be opened once again.  Additionally, there will be a complete range of catering options, the possibility of team-building activities, as well as the exclusive opening of areas for events.

“The horizontal layout and design of the Convention Centre, surrounded by gardens and terraces, with different entrances and halls, will facilitate operations when separating simultaneous events and organising flows within the building. Likewise, the proximity of all the spaces used by PortAventura Business & Events –convention centre, hotels, restaurants, and theme parks– makes it possible to carry out the entire event with the minimum possible movement, thus minimising risks“. In July, “PortAventura Convention Centre will resume its activities with the organisation of national events”, adds Laura Valdeolivas, Director of PortAventura Business & Events/Convention Centre.


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