November 19, 2022.

As part of its commitment to providing pioneering and immersive digital entertainment experiences, in November PortAventura Business & Events hosted the exciting final of the League of Legends Iberian Cup, which brought together both professionals and amateurs from the world of video games, representing a total of 32 teams from all over Spain. More than 1,500 people attended the popular competition in person, joining over 200,000 fans who streamed the legendary event on Twitch.

Organised by the Spanish Professional Video Games League (LVP – Grupo Mediapro), the competition required an expert technical set-up by the PortAventura Convention Centre, which transformed its versatile Alexandria Room into an extraordinary setting to accommodate the spectacular audiovisual performance needed to satisfy the format demands of the tournament, and focus on making it a fun experience for spectators. All of this was carried out under a sustainable and innovative approach, the hallmark of PortAventura Business & Events.

With all this going on, the convention centre vibrated with the intensity of the last test of the eSports season between UCAM Tokiers and Team Heretics, two teams that played a close final with the title eventually taken by UCAM Tokiers.

Within the framework of their collaboration, the LVP and PortAventura World designed exclusive offers and packages to make it possible for fans to attend, providing them with great deals on both tickets and accommodation and discount codes for visits to the park and its hotels in 2023.

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