On 7th May, the fifth Canal CEO breakfast took place.  For this fifth edition, more than a dozen senior directors attended the event, accompanying Andy Stalman and journalist Fernando Olmeda. Victoria Galván, Marketing & Communication Manager for PortAventura Business & Events was also present at this 5th Canal CEO Breakfast, which was sponsored by the convention centre.

Andy Stalman explored the notion of „turning a problem into an opportunity“ thanks to the expansion of social networking and creativity.  Stalman has recently launched his book Brandoffon, which attempts to explain the development of brands in offline and online incorporation.  For Stalman, brands are what „make the rules of the game“ and the role of the manager is vital to execution.  One example is the CEO of Virgin, who „shares content all the time and blogs once a week“.

The role of brand ambassadors should not belong only to management; this task must also be undertaken by team members.  Stalman recalled how the Americans „have a way of defining the branding“ that has a lot to do with their culture and methods of organisation.

In this new era and with this new type of communication confusing strategies are being created for businesses, „most companies are looking for attention on social networks yet sometimes don’t even know how to answer the phone„.  It is important to know how to create brand and generate business, the client is not seeking friendship but profitable information.

Fernando Olmeda questioned the depth and accuracy of stories at a time when many are elicited by companies. Stalman went on to explain that „as humans, we love stories, but those that stir up emotions ...”

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