Video Pre-Estrenos Madrid Barcelona "Hijo de Caín"

The PortAventura Business & Events Convention Centre provided the cinematic location for the final weeks of filming of a “Mediterranean thriller” starring Jesús Coronado, María Molins and David Solans. Following the presentation of “Son of Cain” at the Malaga and Tarragona festival and the screenings in Madrid and Barcelona, the two main screening locations, the movie had its big screen premiere on 31st May 2013 and was a resounding success both at the box office and with the critics. Jesús Monllaó, said to the publication TravelManager (June 2013, no. 12) that: “The Convention Centre was chosen as one of the locations for the shooting of Son of Cain due to its ample spaces that adapted fully to the demands of the scenes filmed there. Its natural light, which can be found in almost every room in the centre, was also of vital importance, and also particularly noteworthy is the building architecture, the precision of the technical and human services, continually available and of high quality”.

[youtube 8ODEDjf-X_8 560 315]