"Hijo de Caín" Preestreno en Barcelona

After the success of the film Son of Cain at the Malaga Festival and its presentation in Tarragona, the city where this “Mediterranean thriller” was filmed, the team led by the director Jesús Monllaó will be at the long-awaited film-screening in Barcelona today, the 28th May 2013. Part of the cast will be at the “Club Coliseum” cinema (Rambla de Catalunya 23) to enjoy the screening of this film alongside guests and members of the press. Based on Ignacio García Valiño’s bestseller “Dear Cain”, it tells the story of Nico Albert (David Sloans), a difficult and exceptionally gifted teenager with a unique obsession: chess.  Concerned by their son’s strange attitude, his parents decide to hire the services of child psychologist Julio Beltrán.  From there on, the plot traps the viewer in a story where discovering the truth in time will be the only way to avoid the essence of evil taking over the main characters’ lives. With the last scenes being filmed at its Convention Centre, PortAventura Business & Events, together with Life & Pictures, are supporting the promotion of “Son of Cain”.


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Tomorrow, “Son of Cain” debuts in the cinemas.