The special plan endorsed by external auditors includes the measures applied in its Convention Centre and in the rest of the resort.

Its objective is to ensure optimal development of any event, in addition to protecting the health of all guests, employees and suppliers.


18th February 2021 –  PortAventura Business & Events is currently working to a special action plan targeted at combating COVID-19, with a clear commitment to health and safety. The plan is endorsed by expert bodies and external auditors.

This protocol, which aims to ensure the continuation of the activities of the PortAventura World events division, encompasses a set of measures implemented in all its facilities and Convention Centre, including actions related to signage, hygiene and physical distancing.



Arrangement of meeting rooms

The plan currently in place includes flow management with specific signs that guarantee the correct movement of groups and separation between them and the rest of the clients.

All communal areas and rooms in the Convention Centre are arranged according to the limitations established by the authorities, guaranteeing the minimum safe distance and respecting furniture assembly and handling protocols. In addition, capacities are revised in order to guarantee the minimum safe distance between clients, taking advantage of the ample spaces available.

Prevention and hygiene

The Convention Centre designed these protocols to comply with the health regulations and recommendations imposed by the authorities. The protection measures include temperature checks upon arrival, mandatory use of face masks at all times and installation of protective screens at strategic points. Likewise, there are hand sanitiser dispensers at different locations in the centre, such as the entrances to rooms, in the communal areas and in the toilets.

In addition, people attending the events have all the necessary detailed information on the measures against COVID-19 on information boards in order to ensure compliance with the 3 essential factors: hygiene, physical distancing and protection.

Cleaning, disinfection and ventilation

The plan includes specific cleaning and disinfection protocols for the spaces and areas that make up the Convention Centre. This work is possible thanks to the virucidal products supplied by Diversey (Suma Bac D10), a leading company in cleaning and hygiene solutions.

In the same way cleaning and sanitation has been stepped up in all rooms after each event by means of nebulisation to guarantee the disinfection of the spaces, furniture, and carpets. Strict monitoring of the purification and disinfection standards of ventilation and air conditioning systems is also carried out frequently, with regular changes of air filters, ventilation and air renewal in enclosed spaces. In addition, chlorination levels are periodically reviewed in both drinking water and irrigation water to increase the safety of them.


Our restaurant services are adapted in line with the most stringent procedures targeted at food quality and safety, following the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP),  updated in accordance with COVID-19 regulations.

Our staff will be on hand to serve at all buffets and coffee breaks, so that handling by the client is kept to a minimum. Individual servings are prioritised and protective screens are used to separate our employees and clients. The restaurant services are carried out according to the capacity determined by the health authorities, respecting physical distancing at all times.

Protocols in the resort

In addition to the special plan for the events division, the entire resort has adapted to the regulations, complying with health and safety requirements through specific protocols for hotels, restaurants and theme parks.

In addition, PortAventura World as a whole continues to provide specific training, both to employees and suppliers, to guarantee the development and compliance with the set of measures and to guarantee their own protection.

Virtual experiences

In order to maintain our position as trailblazers in the field of events organisation, PortAventura Business & Events has strengthened its online presence with a new website. Dynamic and up-to-date, the website features an accessible and innovative design that includes a new Virtual Tour of PortAventura Convention Centre. This 3D tool takes visitors on a virtual tour of the Convention Centre, circumventing the need to travel and thereby minimising risks. This Virtual Tour covers 20,000 m2 of the Convention Centre, and its 24 versatile and spacious meeting rooms.

The events division also has an interactive catalogue, in order to show all its services and facilities to clients, making event organisation so much easier.

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