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On 20 June 2013, Montse Garcia and Aitor del Rio, members of PortAventura Business & Events, attended the “Summer Workshop by Partance”. This took place at the Hotel Pershing Hall, an iconic 18th century building situated in the heart of Paris. The event, organised by Partance, is part of a series of “workshops” that are held throughout the year and are intended solely for associates of the company.

The day, attended by a total of 180 people, was a resounding success. It included a presentation of products offered by the different European destinations specialising in holding corporate events. Among the French agencies present, of particular note were the representatives of Connect Factory, Havas, Ormes and Allegria.

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Montse Garcia and Aitor del Rio, members of PortAventura Business & Events, at the “Summer Workshop by Partance”

On 27, 28 and 29 January 2013, the “European Meetings & Events Conference” was held in the Swiss town of Montreux.  Over 350 professionals from the sector gathered together to participate in a variety of interesting presentations that included, for example, how to organise large scale events, the future of the MICE sector, the importance of integrating new technologies, etc. From “The Mark of a Leader”” they shared their experiences, successes and objectives, placing special emphasis on the need to believe in your objectives, detailing five key aspects of leadership (spirit, intellect, imagination, courage and diplomacy).

In addition to organising small meetings of 5 or 6 individuals or buffets to promote networking between professionals, the environment was very conducive to creating synergies and exchanging ideas.  There were discussions on the importance of topics such as: visiting sites before choosing a location; initial contact with important suppliers; the quality of “networking”; and Time-Technology-Talent.

The three days were filled with discussions and talks which enabled participants to learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences. For example, the use of the “Six Hats Method”, to enable alternative ways of thinking, was discussed. The speaker Jeffer London wanted to foster effective conversations between the participants at an event and talked about the “The World Café” method. Another inspirational presentation was that given by Bertrand Piccard, who talked about his experience as a doctor, explorer and aeronaut, highlighting the importance of taking risks, solving challenges and global responsibility to offer a more sustainable world.

Franck Bárbaras, Director of PortAventura Business & Events and PortAventura Convention Centre, was one of the participants at this important and interesting event organised by MPI (Meeting Professionals International). An association founded in 1972, MPI currently comprises more than 21,000 professionals from 80 countries associated with the events organisation sector.

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"Workshop San Valentines" Partance Paris

“Workshop San Valentines” Partance Paris

Franck Barbaras, PortAventura B&E Manager, attended last week in Paris the “St. Valentine’s Workshop” organised by Partance, representing our Convention Centre in France. It was a  successful day attended by around 50 prestigious companies allowing for various presentations to leading companies within their respective sectors. Many of them were unaware of PortAventura Business & Events and, therefore, of all the services and offers available to clients. Consequently it was a satisfactory initial contact for possible future events.

Franck Barbaras showing PortAventura B&E at "Workshop San Valentines"

Franck Barbaras showing PortAventura B&E at “Workshop San Valentines”


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