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From 13th to 16th October, a new edition of the 52 RallyRACC Catalunya – Costa Daurada (Rally de España 2016) was held. The event is a perfect promotional and economic platform for the Costa Daurada, with thousands of fans at each of the 19 race stages in the only rally in the world with a track covering both gravel and asphalt, and for which PortAventura Business & Events collaborated for the 12th consecutive year.


All the logistics and organisation for the race took place at PortAventura Convention Centre. On the first floor, the multifunctional Sala Barcino was set up for news reporters and media professionals, as well as the Sala Harvard for press conferences. The Sala Damascus was used as the main offices for the race’s management team.

In addition, the organisers along with a large number of drivers and the championship team stayed in Hotel Caribe at PortAventura World, which is located just a few minutes’ walk from the Convention Centre. As well as this, one of PortAventura World’s car parks, located next to the soon-to-open Ferrari Land, became the site of the Service Park where all the participating motor-racing teams were based.

Laura Valdeolivas, Director of PortAventura Business & Events said: “I would like to congratulate all the participants and the organisers of RallyRACC for their extraordinary work. For us, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with them once again and be able to thank them for putting their faith in us for another year.”

French team Sébastien Ogier– Julien Ingrassia (Volkswagen Polo R WRC) took to the podium as the winners of the 52 RallyRACC, a victory which represents their fourth consecutive world championship title. In second position on the podium were Dani Sordo– Marc Martí (Hyundai i20 WRC), and in third were Thierry Neuville and Nicolas Gilsoul (Hyundai i20 WRC).

The Cap Roig Festival 2014 was held from 4th July to 15th August at the Cap Roig Botanical Gardens in Calella de Palafrugell. Year after year this festival brings together great artists such as: Luz Casal, Dani Martín and James Blunt, to name a few.

PortAventura Business & Events organised for Tuesday 12th August, within the Cap Roig gardens, a networking event attended by marketing and sales directors from leading national companies, and by the press, accompanied by Laura Valdeolivas, Director of PortAventura Business & Events and Victoria Galván, Marketing and Communications Manager of PortAventura Business & Events. Attendees were able to see for themselves the possibilities that PortAventura offers for events management, before enjoying a concert given by Antonio Orozco, and sponsored by PortAventura Business & Events. More than 2000 people who had the opportunity to enjoy and feel the rhythm of this vibrant musical performance.

The singer-songwriter managed to convey his energy and positivity to the entire audience through songs from his latest album and old favourites, such as: “Pedacitos de ti”, “Voces”, “Una y otra vez” and an astounding duet with the Malaga-born singer Pablo López, “No hay más”.

After the show had ended, guests enjoyed a dinner also attended by none other than the Spanish singer-songwriter. Everyone found themselves surrounded by good music, a wonderful atmosphere and a new vision of the corporate range offered by PortAventura Business & Events and its Convention Centre.

Cap Roig Festival 2014 closed its gates on Thursday 15th July, after more than a month of concerts, with outstanding attendance that surely makes Cap Roig a benchmark for summer festivals.


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PortAventura Resort se consolida como el mayor destino turístico del Mediterráneo con KOOZA de Cirque du SoleilComplemento ideal para eventos, congresos e incentivos. 

El circo de renombre internacional instala su icónica carpa por primera vez en el resort temático líder en Europa. A lo largo de los últimos años, PortAventura ha llevado a cabo una estrategia de expansión ininterrumpida con el objetivo de convertir el resort en un gran destino vacacional referente en toda Europa. Para conseguirlo, ha apostado por una estrategia de internacionalización y la incorporación de nuevos proyectos año tras año con una inversión desde 2010 de más de 125 millones de euros.

Este plan de desarrollo continuará en los próximos años con “Ferrari Land”: PortAventura ha llegado a un acuerdo de licencia con Ferrari para realizar “Ferrari Land” un nuevo parque temático dedicado a la marca italiana y el primer hotel temático Ferrari. Asimismo, para la presente temporada destacan dos grandes novedades: la inauguración de una espectacular atracción “Angkor: Aventura en el reino perdido” y la incorporación del espectáculo KOOZA de Cirque du Soleil como gran novedad de la temporada de verano y que el pasado 14 de julio celebró su premiere en PortAventura.

Este acuerdo supone la unión entre dos grandes empresas del sector del turismo y ocio referentes a nivel mundial. De este modo, PortAventura se convierte en el primer resort de Europa en acoger un espectáculo del Cirque du Soleil. Para PortAventura, con casi 4 millones de visitas, este proyecto constituye un paso más en su estrategia de crear año tras año nuevos referentes de nivel internacional que posicionen al resort como el mejor destino de ocio familiar de Europa y, en especial, permitan seguir incrementando el  turismo extranjero, que actualmente casi representa el 50% del total de visitas.







Dow chooses PortAventura Convention Centre to bring together 800 employees of 31 different nationalities for validation of its new global management system.

Tarragona – 3 March 2014 – Over the last three weeks, Dow has reunited in Tarragona 800 employees in service at its many centres worldwide in order to carry out a UAT (User Acceptance Test) on its new NEA (Next Enterprise Architecture) global management system. This is a great investment that Dow is making to improve their work processes and management systems.

For organisation of the event and accommodation of participants, Dow relied on the experience of PortAventura Business & Events. The meetings began on 10th February and lasted until last Friday 28th February, using the PortAventura Convention Centre as a central hub. The convention centre was turned into a work and meeting space for Dow’s 800 employees, who were staying at the PortAventura Resort hotels.

NEA Project

NEA is made up of a series of information technology tools that will be gradually implemented in all Dow centres, resulting in improved workflow and the potential for transverse processes. This will lead to key improvements in the Company’s competitiveness and increase its technological efficiency and quality and service to its customers.

In light of this, and due to the upcoming implementation of NEA, the PortAventura Convention Centre was chosen as the ideal place where 800 employees conducted, from 10th to 28th February, the testing phase of this new update for SAP, the acronym used to name the computer system that deals with all of Dow’s business management.

After looking at several alternatives in various locations across Europe, Tarragona was chosen because of its numerous advantages including excellent structure and access to existing facilities in the area, security, proximity to Barcelona airport and also to Dow’s Industrial Complex in Tarragona. This means that Camp de Tarragona welcomed 800 attendees of 31 nationalities coming from 100 airports in 25 different countries. Guests and training providers also had the opportunity to visit the Industrial Complex of Dow Tarragona and other cultural and tourist attractions of metropolitan Tarragona and Barcelona.

Everyone who took part had intensive NEA training and testing during these three weeks in order to deepen their knowledge and strengths so that they are able to put these skills into action in the coming months. All in all, it was the most diverse and inclusive event of its kind to be held so far at the PortAventura Convention Centre, Dow’s Global System Implementation manager, Tom Christie, explained that “for Dow, efficiency and security are fundamental pillars and to be able to test the NEA with over 145,000 hours of actual work is invaluable for all that we have been able to learn, implement and share“.

Jacobus Roofack, event manager, also praised “the excellent choice of Tarragona, given that PortAventura has provided great facilities and the utmost attention at all times through its excellent business and hotel infrastructure and also for the great quality of service and customer care they have given us. We have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with its staff, as well as excellent communications, surroundings and opportunities that have allowed us to make the most of this UAT“.

Finally, the Director of the Dow Chemical Tarragona Industrial Complex, Kepa Díaz de Mendibil, stressed that “it is an honour for Tarragona to have been selected to host this event as it is not only a strategic choice for the Company, but strengthens the competitiveness of our Site and the area in which we are located“. Kepa Díaz de Mendibil concluded with a highly positive evaluation of this gathering of how “it has been an excellent example of how to leverage the existing synergies in our region amongst the different agents and economic driving forces in our environment“.

PortAventura Convention Centre: event hosting venue

Director of PortAventura Business & Events, Belén Madrid, explained we were well aware from the start of the relevance of the NEA project and for this reason we have worked closely with Dow to be able to pick up on all their needs and define every detail of their stay at our resort. Our role was to provide seamless logistics to ensure the full attention of Dow employees could be focused exclusively on getting the most out of this meeting”.

To meet these needs, PortAventura Business & Events put together an event logistics team of over 200 people including production teams, technicians, catering, hotel, security, cleaning and maintenance staff. The entire convention centre was divided into compartments and adapted to create spaces for work, meetings and presentations, as well as areas for relaxation and discussions. These 20 days resulted in more than 12,000 overnight stays in the resort hotels and preparation of over 30,000 breakfasts and lunches at both the Convention Centre and Hotel PortAventura and Gold River restaurants. This has been one of the biggest events organised to date at the PortAventura resort.

The CEO of PortAventura, Fernando Aldecoa, stated that “it has been a privilege to be able to contribute to the success of such an important event for a multinational like Dow, a worldwide leader within the chemical industry and in turn a key company for the economic sector in the province of Tarragona. This meeting also allowed us to demonstrate the extensive skills of our human resources and the capacity of the PortAventura facilities to host events of such great organisational complexity”.


Del 16 al 18 de febrero tuvo lugar en Barcelona el ‘Iberian Mice Forum’, un encuentro de profesionales en el sector de los negocios donde su objetivo fue el promover las diferentes destinaciones turísticas, hoteles, centros de convenciones,… y fomentar el trabajo en un campo que gana adeptos jornada a jornada. Dos días intensivos donde PortAventura Business & Events  también formó parte de: Actividades de Teambuilding, Sesiones de Trabajo, Reuniones Personales, Convenciones,  entre otros Incentivos.

Montse García, sales development manager de PortAventura Business & Events tuvo oportunidad de vivir y experimentar muy de cerca este evento, donde empresas y proveedores aportaron y compartieron  experiencias del sector durante estas jornadas.

Una cita donde las reuniones one-to-one fueron de mayor importancia entre sus asistentes. La relación cliente-empresa relució durante la duración del Iberian Mice Forum, dando buena acogida por ambas partes en un evento que destacó por su exclusividad e importancia en las temáticas que se debatían.

Barcelona ha sido la primera ciudad en recibir el “Iberian MICE Forum”. Durante este año 2014 otras ubicaciones acogerán a las diferentes empresas interesadas en este gran evento. La próxima cita tendrá lugar en Madrid del 27 al 29 de abril.



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