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On Saturday 13 April 2013, Foundation SHE, with the collaboration of Fundació PortAventura and managed by the Business & Events team, held its first charity benefit at PortAventura. The 1st Day of the Heart gathered together more than 500 people, coming from various areas of Catalonia, who accompanied the foundation team in an event principally aimed at promoting health awareness and raising funds for “Programa SI!”, which has been implemented in 98 schools in Spain.

PortAventuraand its own Foundation wished to support this Integral Health Programme, showing, yet again, its interest in events of a responsible nature. Foundation SHE is an initiative of Dr. Valentín Fuster, based on scientific research with the objective of promoting health through communication and education.  Its premise lies in the belief that health habits formed during childhood improve quality of life at an adult age. For this reason, they have created Programa SI! which is divided into the different educational stages (Nursery, Primary, Secondary) taking into account the immediate environment of the child/adolescent. The acquisition of healthy eating habits, development of physical activity, knowledge on how the body works and the management of emotions to protect against addictions and consumption of strange substances are the fundamental four components of the programme.


Recogida de entradas “I Jornada del Corazón”

Presentation of PortAventura Business & Events.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our new Blog: PortAventura Business & Events; an online tool that we hope will be of great use to all professionals in need of a perfect event.

We wish to nourish you, and at the same time allow you to nourish us with your experiences, recommendations and trends in the world of business-related events.

From Shareholders’ Meetings for 10 people to conferences and conventions with an attendance of 3000, there is a range of needs to be met and at PortAventura Business & Events we pride ourselves on having found a suitable solution for every case, by allocating one single events coordinator to handle everything.

We have a spacious convention centre that is internationally renowned, versatile and equipped to perfection. It features cutting-edge technology and design. There are 4 hotels with 2000 rooms, onsite catering at over 30 restaurants able to provide any type of menus and dishes required, golfing, team building activities, live performances. And all of this drenched in the charm of the Mediterranean surroundings; this alone is really quite appealing.

With excellent links to the main international airports and less than an hour from Barcelona, I invite you to come and visit us in person and experience the precision, professionalism, variety of surroundings and proposals that we have to offer, and at the same time the excitement and sensations stirred up by our unique convention centre.

We would like to share with you our successes and experiences through those who know us best: our clients.

We are living in a time when the word “synergy” is more magical than ever before. Where we are all simultaneously customers and suppliers and where the only road to consolidation is excellence. I would like to use the launch of this blog to invite you to become part of our network. And the best way of doing this is to contact us at the e-mail address created for this purpose: Our experts are waiting to deal with you personally on a one-to-one basis. We would be delighted to receive proposals, suggestions, views… and if you wish to share an opinion piece, we will publish it on our Blog. This must become an information exchange for everyone, an accessible document and useful bibliography for all who wish to continue their development within this fascinating profession.

In our line of business we need up-to-date information, originating from experience rather than theory. We know the importance of details at an event of any size and nature in order to build differentiated and successful brand identity.

Thank you to everyone for being here, for following us, and welcome to this new area for sharing communications and forming relationships.

PortAventura Convention Centre

Dubai "Confec Red" February 2013

Dubai “Confec Red” February 2013

Durante los pasados días 7, 8 y 9 de febrero de 2013, se celebraron tres intensas jornadas de citas “one to one” en las que compradores de agencias y empresas de UK e Irlanda buscaban nuevos destinos e infraestructuras para proponer a sus clientes. De esta manera, los proveedores pudieron captar nuevas agencias y empresas con gran potencial en el sector de organización de eventos.

El evento Dubai “Confec Red se inició con un cocktail de bienvenida para todos los asistentes, seguido de dos días de reuniones, citas, actividades de team-building, cenas, etc. Gracias a este formato de evento, se facilitó que parte de las entrevistas tuvieran un mayor contacto con los compradores gracias los coffee breaks, almuerzos, comidas, cenas y otras actividades.

La actividad de team-building consistió en una ginkana en uno de los lujosos resorts de Dubai, concretamente Jumeirah Madinat, terminando después con una cena frente al único hotel de 7 estrellas del mundo: “Burj Al Arab” Hotel.

Para la celebración de la cena de gala, el hotel seleccionado fue el Atlantis, situado en Palm Jumeirah una de las islas artificiales del archipiélago Palm que posee uno de los acuarios privados más grandes del mundo. Montse Garcia, Sales Development Manager de PortAventura Business & Events estuvo allí para participando de este exclusivo encuentro.

On 7, 8 and 9 February 2013, three intense days of one-to-one appointments in which buyers from agencies and companies in the UK and Ireland sought new destinations and infrastructures to recommend to their clients, enabling providers to gain new business from agencies and companies with great potential in the events organisation sector.

The Dubai “Confec Red event began with a welcome cocktail for all attendees, followed by days of meetings, appointments, team building activities, dinners, etc.   The format of this event made it easier to mingle and facilitated greater contact with buyers thanks to coffee breaks, lunches, dinners and other activities.

The team building activity consisted for a gymkhana at one of the most luxurious resorts in Dubai, Jumeirah Madinat, ending with dinner in front of the only 7-star hotel in the world:  Burj Al Arab.

The hotel selected for the gala dinner, was the Atlantis, situated on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, which is home to one of the world’s largest private aquariums.   Montse Garcia, Sales Development Manager for PortAventura Business & Events was there to participate in this exclusive gathering.

Dubai architecture

Dubai architecture




Captura de pantalla 2013-02-07 a las 13.51.35

Stand Portaventura B&E


Felip Puig , Miquel Valls y el equipo de Portaventura B&E

Captura de pantalla 2013-02-07 a las 13.51.17

Primer Aniversario Club Cambra de la Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona

Captura de pantalla 2013-02-07 a las 13.50.31

Portaventura Business&Events en la Casa Llotja de Mar


Felip Puig, Miquel Valls en el stand de Portaventura B&E

On Thursday 17 January 2013, celebrations were held at Casa LLotja de Mar in Barcelona for the first anniversary of Club Cambra”, the platform of the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona which aims to promote contact between companies, internationalisation, fair competition and training, among many other things.

This event was attended by Miquel Valls, President of the Barcelona Cambra (Chamber of Commerce), and the Generalitat’s Minister for Industry and Work Felip Puig, together with around 500 businessmen and women, members of Club Cambra.

PortAventura Business & Events is proud to be one of the biggest partners of the club, with which it has entered into strategic agreements such as, for example, offering discounts on services to its members. Furthermore, during the course of the event, there was the opportunity to exhibit its product and special terms and conditions for associates. The various benefits include a 30% discount on conference rooms, a welcome drink for attendees, secretary’s office free of charge, etc.

Another reason why PortAventura Business & Events strives to be one of the big partners is to be able to take advantage of possible synergies with the club. Just one year after it was founded, Club Cambra already has more than 21,000 members, who are able to access over 1500 chambers all over the world; a virtual corporate network that creates new business opportunities for its members.

Felip Puig, in his first public engagement as Minister for Industry and Work, underlined the need for greater dialogue between the Generalitat and business institutions, and for a greater capacity for concentration to overcome the current tendency towards fragmentation and combine strengths and initiatives, creating synergies and taking full advantage of opportunities to generate wealth.   On his part, Miquel Valls presented a positive balanced view of the first twelve months of this initiative, declaring a  “promising future”.

In short,  the expectations  of this merger are great: to combine efforts, create new initiatives, promote business relations and seize opportunities to generate wealth.

The PortAventura Business & Events  Convention Centre is a flexible space that has capacity for between 10 and 3000 people and is made up of 18 modular rooms, that are bright, multi-functional, served by natural light and can be used for holding any type of event.

The centre covers two floors;  on the ground floor there is a 2500m2 exhibition room, which can be turned into an auditorium for 1200 people. On the first floor there is the Harvard room, a fully-equipped auditorium for 150 people, and the Tarraco room, a premium space that is ideal for board and committee meetings.

Sala Harvard

PortAventura Business & Events has a very attractive option to offer companies and event organisers to add a very special touch to a corporate event:   to open the PortAventura theme areas  for the exclusive use of the client. This added value could be key to the success of your event. 

This initiative allows guests and/or delegates  to live  unique experiences on the premises of the theme park: to board rides such as Dragon Khan, enjoy private shows and sample dishes at our restaurants whilst preserving the intimacy of the event.

In the words of Franck Bárbaras, the Manager of  PortAventura Business & Events and PortAventura Convention Centre: “a private affair where all participants can experience true excitement and unique moments, with team building activities, product presentations, incentives… “.

Companies have their own tailored client care service for a made-to-measure corporate event in which they can enjoy the use of the theme areas  (Far West, México, China  and Mediterrània) thanks to the PortAventura Business & Events Exclusive Area.

For example, in April 2012  the multinational Unilever held its annual sales convention; an event characterised by corporate integration.   More than 200 sales delegates from the Anglo-Dutch multinational gathered at PortAventura Business & Events to combine synergies in the face of new product campaigns. The aim of the event was also to promote team spirit in all its activities.

For this reason, following the work sessions, all participants at the Unilever event enjoyed the exclusive use of a trip through the Mediterrània area and a  party in the Polynesia area. The gala dinner took place in the customised Sala Bosc followed by a show from the “castellers” and a firework and musical extravaganza. This is just one example that demonstrates the versatility that PortAventura premises have to offer and their customised client care services.

[youtube gR2YVKFUgmM 560 315]

PortAventura Business & Events offers tailored business accommodation thanks to its four themed hotels. The Mediterranean style Hotel Port Aventura has magnificent gardens, a lake, two outdoor swimming pools, a fitness centre and several restaurants. It also has  direct access to the Convention Centre. The Hotel Caribe, located only a  few minutes from the  PortAventura B&E complex, transports its guests to an authentic Caribbean island thanks to a white-sand swimming pool and pleasant gardens situated at the heart of the premises. 

Thirdly, the Hotel Gold River, in a Far West style, recreates a town of the American Wild West. The rooms are divided over various buildings, each one a replica of the most important parts of the town: Main Street, outdoor bungalows, the City Hall hotel, abandoned train carriages and the  luxurious Lucy’s Mansion. Finally, the Mexican-style Hotel El Paso has a large swimming pool and several restaurants specialising in international gastronomy. 

Hotel Gold River

Hotel El Paso

Hotel PortAventura

Hotel Caribe


PortAventura Business & Events ofrece una amplia gama de espacios de trabajo y ocio a las empresas. En este segundo grupo, se incluye  LUMINE Golf; 45 hoyos repartidos en tres campos de golf, dos de ellos diseñados por el reputado golfista australiano Greg Norman. Un equilibrio perfecto entre naturaleza, desafío y diversión para una experiencia inolvidable.

Del mismo modo, LUMINE Beach Club ofrece un marco único para su evento. Situado frente el mar Mediterráneo y junto al exclusivo restaurante Lumine, esta instalación minimalista integrada con el entorno ofrece escenarios singulares que se adaptan a las necesidades de cada cliente como, por ejemplo los espacios cubiertos al aire libre o 7 piscinas.

Beach Club


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