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The event was attended by Piero Ferrari, son of the brand’s legendary founder, Enzo Ferrari


Ferrari Land, the third theme park at PortAventura World Parks & Resort, has today opened its doors to the public for the first time after a grand inauguration ceremony.

Arturo Mas Sardá, Chairman of PortAventura World, said: Ferrari Land is the most ambitious project in the history of PortAventura World and today our dreams have become a reality, thanks to the partnership with Ferrari, one of the most respected brands in the world, and an investment of over 100 million Euros.”


The opening ceremony saw 1,500 guests gather in the heart of the new park, opposite the Ferrari Experience attraction. Arturo Mas-Sardá and Piero Ferrari set the park’s wheels in motion in an emotive event attended by a host of celebrities, including special guests Ferrari test driver, Marc Gené.

A world-class park

Visitors to the resort can experience the spirit of Ferrari Land through its homage to the excellence of the Italian brand which has been reflected in the park’s iconic buildings. The park also represents a tribute to the genius of Enzo Ferrari, to the lifestyle he created and the iconic red cars, symbols of speed, technology and innovation. Ferrari Land was designed to recreate the true excitement of the Ferrari legend. Spanning

over 70,000 square metres (750,000 square feet), the new park offers 11 attractions for the whole family, with a strong focus on technology and adrenaline. As well as the thrilling attractions, visitors can enjoy restaurants, shops and shows that reflect the spirit of Ferrari.

Right in the heart of Ferrari Land, the spectacular Ferrari Experience building presidesover the new park, its silhouette in the shape of the legendary Ferrari racing car. Here, the whole family can enjoy an immersive experience into the two worlds of the Italian Brand – GT and Formula 1 – through two ground-breaking attractions.

Racing Legends gives visitors the chance to put their driving skills to the test, driving a Ferrari through the streets of Rome, along the most famous racing circuits in the world, or through imaginary futuristic scenes. The Omnimax simulator experience starts off by calling for ‘drivers of the future’, who will experience the adventure on one of ten mobile platforms. The second immersive experience, Flying Dreams, sends visitors on a journey around the world and through time, allowing them to see the brand’s most famous vehicles and drivers up close.

Ferrari Experience also plays host to the Ferrari Gallery, an impressive space where visitors can enjoy an interactive experience and learn details of the history of the legendary

Ferrari team.

Crowning the skyline of the park is Red Force, the highest and fastest vertical accelerator in Europe. This ride offers a unique experience for thrill seekers and Formula 1 fans, with an acceleration of 0 to 112 mph in 5 seconds, and a height of 112 metres (367 feet). Undoubtedly, Red Force is the park’s main attraction, with its sleek structure visible from several miles away.

Eight semi-professional simulators make up Pole Position Challenge where visitors can put their driving skills to the test. Similar to the simulators used by Formula 1 drivers for training, this ride is a must for motor sports fans.

Other rides include the Maranello Grand Race racetrack, an unforgettable race in Italian GT race cars, along a track of over 500 metres (1,640 feet). This family-friendly attraction recreates the excitement of driving a legendary Ferrari 488 Spider. Next to the track are the Thrill Towers, resembling giant pistons from a Formula 1 car, each offering a different experience for those who dare to ride.

Next to these is an attraction aimed at younger visitors. Junior Championship offers children the chance to experience the thrill of skidding along Formula 1’s traditional “whip” in a small-scale replica of the real vehicles.

One of Formula 1’s most emblematic moments is the iconic pit stop. At Ferrari Land, the ride Pit Stop Record allows two teams to compete to change four wheels on a full-size Formula 1 car as quickly as possible. Kids’ Podium offers a play centre where the park’s youngest visitors can enjoy the most authentic motorsport adventures.

 The perfect place to enjoy a complete family experience

The new park will offer five restaurants that immerse visitors in an authentic Italian environment, where they can enjoy the delicious dishes of the country’s famous cuisine. Restaurants range from a traditional ‘trattoria italiana’ inspired by Ristorante Cavallino at Maranello (Ferrari’s HQ), where diners can enjoy the history of the Prancing Horse, to Pit Lane fast food restaurant with a classic menu inspired by legendary Ferrari drivers, and delicious Italian ice cream parlours such as Ice Cream Box, which harnesses the tradition of the most famous ice-cream producing nation in the world.

Visitors can also shop for souvenirs and exclusive merchandise at the official Ferrari Land Store, and enjoy a photo opportunity next to the entrance to the vertical accelerator.

Ferrari Land offers three shows at different times of the day, as well as street entertainment throughout the park.


Events and Convention Centre

PortAventura Business & Events offers a modern multi-use convention centre, featuring 18 multifunctional spaces totalling 13,000 square metres, capable of hosting 4,000 visitors. Events can also be hosted in the resort, with the option of open-air cocktails in Ferrari Land, or dinner in an authentic Trattoria, where guests can enjoy the finest Italian cuisine. The resort can also be used for team building activities or exclusive private events, Ferrari Land will turn any event into a unique and exciting experience.

The new world-class theme park will have 11 attractions including Ferrari Experience and the Vertical Accelerator, the highest and fastest rollercoaster in Europe.


A world-class theme park

Ferrari Land has been designed to provide a true experience of the Ferrari legend. The new park, which will occupy 70,000 square metres, will have 11 attractions for the whole family, showcasing expert technology and adrenaline fuelled rides. In addition, visitors will be able to enjoy Ferrari themed restaurants, shops and entertainment.

Ferrari Experience will be the heart of Ferrari Land. This is where families can immerse themselves in two Ferrari worlds, GT and F1 and experience two internationally renowned, technological and innovative attractions. The Vertical Accelerator, the highest and fastest rollercoaster in Europe, at 112 metres high and reaching 180 km/hour in just 5 seconds, will be perfect for speed lovers. Next to it, there will be Ferrari Land Gallery, an interactive journey through the history of the Ferrari legend; a racetrack; a free fall tower and a bounce-back tower; F1 simulators for adults and children; a pit stop; a speedway that will allow children to experience a miniature F1; and a play area for the youngest members of the family.

The new park will have a great selection of food outlets where visitors can enjoy delicious and authentic Italian dishes. From the traditional Italian Trattoria, inspired by the restaurant of Maranello (the home of Ferrari), visitors can immerse themselves in the story of the Prancing Horse brand; a themed Fast Food restaurant inspired by the legend of Ferrari drivers. The outlets will serve classic recipes as well as traditional Italian ice cream.

With the opening of Ferrari Land, PortAventura World Parks & Resort will strengthen its position as a world-class holiday destination, hosting three parks in a single resort, five themed hotels, a convention centre, three golf courses and a beach club with direct access to the beach.

A new park located in the Resort, just minutes from the Convention Centre and our hotels.

This great addition will allow us to continue offering more and better services which will endow your events with an appeal which is exclusive and unique en Europe: open-air cocktails in the Via Italia or a special dinner in an authentic Trattoria where you can taste the best dishes in Italian cuisine, as well as the possibility of enjoying an exclusive opening of the new park and organising teambuilding activities inside.

The spirit of Ferrari Land is a tribute to the excellence of Italian artistic heritage which has been embodied in its iconic buildings and, at the same time, it is a tribute to the genius Enzo Ferrari, who is represented in the iconic cars which are a symbol of speed, technology and innovation.

Ferrari Land has been designed to experience the genuine thrill of the Ferrari legend. The new park, which will cover 70,000 square metres, will offer 11 attractions with a large technological and adrenaline component. In addition, visitors will be able to enjoy restaurants, shops and shows full of the spirit of Ferrari.

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