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It is my pleasure to welcome you to our new Blog: PortAventura Business & Events; an online tool that we hope will be of great use to all professionals in need of a perfect event.

We wish to nourish you, and at the same time allow you to nourish us with your experiences, recommendations and trends in the world of business-related events.

From Shareholders’ Meetings for 10 people to conferences and conventions with an attendance of 3000, there is a range of needs to be met and at PortAventura Business & Events we pride ourselves on having found a suitable solution for every case, by allocating one single events coordinator to handle everything.

We have a spacious convention centre that is internationally renowned, versatile and equipped to perfection. It features cutting-edge technology and design. There are 4 hotels with 2000 rooms, onsite catering at over 30 restaurants able to provide any type of menus and dishes required, golfing, team building activities, live performances. And all of this drenched in the charm of the Mediterranean surroundings; this alone is really quite appealing.

With excellent links to the main international airports and less than an hour from Barcelona, I invite you to come and visit us in person and experience the precision, professionalism, variety of surroundings and proposals that we have to offer, and at the same time the excitement and sensations stirred up by our unique convention centre.

We would like to share with you our successes and experiences through those who know us best: our clients.

We are living in a time when the word “synergy” is more magical than ever before. Where we are all simultaneously customers and suppliers and where the only road to consolidation is excellence. I would like to use the launch of this blog to invite you to become part of our network. And the best way of doing this is to contact us at the e-mail address created for this purpose: Our experts are waiting to deal with you personally on a one-to-one basis. We would be delighted to receive proposals, suggestions, views… and if you wish to share an opinion piece, we will publish it on our Blog. This must become an information exchange for everyone, an accessible document and useful bibliography for all who wish to continue their development within this fascinating profession.

In our line of business we need up-to-date information, originating from experience rather than theory. We know the importance of details at an event of any size and nature in order to build differentiated and successful brand identity.

Thank you to everyone for being here, for following us, and welcome to this new area for sharing communications and forming relationships.

PortAventura Convention Centre

The PortAventura Business & Events  Convention Centre is a flexible space that has capacity for between 10 and 3000 people and is made up of 18 modular rooms, that are bright, multi-functional, served by natural light and can be used for holding any type of event.

The centre covers two floors;  on the ground floor there is a 2500m2 exhibition room, which can be turned into an auditorium for 1200 people. On the first floor there is the Harvard room, a fully-equipped auditorium for 150 people, and the Tarraco room, a premium space that is ideal for board and committee meetings.

Sala Harvard

PortAventura Business & Events offers tailored business accommodation thanks to its four themed hotels. The Mediterranean style Hotel Port Aventura has magnificent gardens, a lake, two outdoor swimming pools, a fitness centre and several restaurants. It also has  direct access to the Convention Centre. The Hotel Caribe, located only a  few minutes from the  PortAventura B&E complex, transports its guests to an authentic Caribbean island thanks to a white-sand swimming pool and pleasant gardens situated at the heart of the premises. 

Thirdly, the Hotel Gold River, in a Far West style, recreates a town of the American Wild West. The rooms are divided over various buildings, each one a replica of the most important parts of the town: Main Street, outdoor bungalows, the City Hall hotel, abandoned train carriages and the  luxurious Lucy’s Mansion. Finally, the Mexican-style Hotel El Paso has a large swimming pool and several restaurants specialising in international gastronomy. 

Hotel Gold River

Hotel El Paso

Hotel PortAventura

Hotel Caribe


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