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From 13th to 16th October, a new edition of the 52 RallyRACC Catalunya – Costa Daurada (Rally de España 2016) was held. The event is a perfect promotional and economic platform for the Costa Daurada, with thousands of fans at each of the 19 race stages in the only rally in the world with a track covering both gravel and asphalt, and for which PortAventura Business & Events collaborated for the 12th consecutive year.


All the logistics and organisation for the race took place at PortAventura Convention Centre. On the first floor, the multifunctional Sala Barcino was set up for news reporters and media professionals, as well as the Sala Harvard for press conferences. The Sala Damascus was used as the main offices for the race’s management team.

In addition, the organisers along with a large number of drivers and the championship team stayed in Hotel Caribe at PortAventura World, which is located just a few minutes’ walk from the Convention Centre. As well as this, one of PortAventura World’s car parks, located next to the soon-to-open Ferrari Land, became the site of the Service Park where all the participating motor-racing teams were based.

Laura Valdeolivas, Director of PortAventura Business & Events said: “I would like to congratulate all the participants and the organisers of RallyRACC for their extraordinary work. For us, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with them once again and be able to thank them for putting their faith in us for another year.”

French team Sébastien Ogier– Julien Ingrassia (Volkswagen Polo R WRC) took to the podium as the winners of the 52 RallyRACC, a victory which represents their fourth consecutive world championship title. In second position on the podium were Dani Sordo– Marc Martí (Hyundai i20 WRC), and in third were Thierry Neuville and Nicolas Gilsoul (Hyundai i20 WRC).

Discover all the event venues offered by PortAventura Business & Events: A 13,000 m2 Convention Centre, five hotels with 2,100 rooms, the exclusive opening of areas in PortAventura Park, team-building activities, a beach club, three golf courses… an endless number of one-of-a-kind venues, just one hour away from Barcelona airport.

Since the opening of PortAventura Convention Centre, we have accommodated more than 1,100 events on both a national and international scale. Brands such as Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Sharp, IBM, HP, Fiat, Peugeot, Seat and Unilever have put their faith in PortAventura Business & Events for the organisation of their corporate or incentive events, trade shows and meetings.

The PortAventura Business & Events Convention Centre provided the cinematic location for the final weeks of filming of a “Mediterranean thriller” starring Jesús Coronado, María Molins and David Solans. Following the presentation of “Son of Cain” at the Malaga and Tarragona festival and the screenings in Madrid and Barcelona, the two main screening locations, the movie had its big screen premiere on 31st May 2013 and was a resounding success both at the box office and with the critics. Jesús Monllaó, said to the publication TravelManager (June 2013, no. 12) that: “The Convention Centre was chosen as one of the locations for the shooting of Son of Cain due to its ample spaces that adapted fully to the demands of the scenes filmed there. Its natural light, which can be found in almost every room in the centre, was also of vital importance, and also particularly noteworthy is the building architecture, the precision of the technical and human services, continually available and of high quality”.

[youtube 8ODEDjf-X_8 560 315]

– Why did you choose PortAventura for the day of “Posa’t la Gorra”?

MG (Maite Golmayo, AFANOC Communications Director): We wanted to hold the end of campaign party somewhere that was suitable both for children and for teenagers and adults, an area for entertainment where the family and friends of children with cancer could also cut loose and have fun. An outdoor space but with all kinds of services, an area that could ensure the safety and smooth running of the party, a large space! PortAventura not only meets but exceeds all of this thanks to its attractions that double the appeal of the party!

– What is your lasting image of this day, 9th June, at PortAventura?

MG: It’s hard to pick just one as I’m sure that there were a lot that we have overlooked. For us, the fact that an entire family can have fun together, despite all their obstacles, problems or limitations, to experience together moments of happiness, is priceless. But if I had to choose only one, our favourite would be the AFANOC manifesto, when some children who have lived through this reality got up on stage and read a manifesto together with institutional representatives and in front of everybody. It is a magical moment because it brings us all together, children, families, volunteers, administration, board and AFANOC, we are all one big family that got together on that day to thank everyone and say, “Okay, it’s hard, it’s difficult, but thanks to the efforts of all we are making this condition more bearable and here we are today all having fun together!

– How does an event such as the day of “Posa’t la Gorra” at PortAventura positively affect children?

MG: Is there something more positive for a child than to play and share? But the most important thing is the opportunity to raise awareness in a normal and natural way, for society to get to know a reality that is often stigmatised. Children are always children first, before everything else including the disease and the priority for them is to continue playing, having fun and learning.

– How many families are currently registered as part of the AFANOC programme?

MG: I can give you data from 2012 for each area; the figures for 2013 need to be added to these.

Psychology: Beneficiaries: 779

Families served: 229

Psycho-pedagogy: Beneficiaries: 7

Families served: 2

Reflexology and massage: Beneficiaries: 476

Families served: 140

Social work: Beneficiaries: 677

Families served: 199

Hospital volunteers: Beneficiaries: 2421

Families served: 712

Leisure in the hospital: Beneficiaries: 2380

Families served: 700

Leisure outside the hospital: Beneficiaries: 245

Families served: 72

“Posa’t la Gorra”: Beneficiaries: 1,057

Families served: 311

Home volunteers: Beneficiaries: 95

Families served: 28

La Casa de los Xuklis care home: Beneficiaries: 445

Families served: 131

Total families served 1800


– What are AFANOC’s immediate plans for the future?

MG: Having achieved the main objectives over the past 25 years (hospital facility improvements, changes in laws and strengthening the campaign Posa’t la Gorra!) our priority is to maintain La Casa de los Xuklis and continue to offer services free of charge to families, both at home and in hospitals, within the Tarragona and Lleida regions. In short, to keep working to improve the quality of life of these children and their families. That’s no mean feat!

– Do you plan to extend the message beyond Catalonia?

MG: Although we are the Children’s Cancer Association of Catalonia, at La Casa de los Xuklis we welcome families not only from anywhere within Catalonia but from all autonomous regions that are referred to the reference hospitals of Barcelona, such as San Juan de Dios or Vall d’Hebron. We have even welcomed families from other countries as Vall d’Hebron Hospital works in international cooperation with other European hospitals.

– What values does AFANOC pursue?

MG: Without a doubt we believe in equality, solidarity, social justice, family … we work from the perspective that these children should not be discriminated against at any time and that precisely because of their special circumstances, things should be made easier for them.

"Posa't la Gorra" de AFANOC en PortAventura B&E

AFANOC (Associació de Familiars i Amics de Nens Oncològics de Catalunya)

"Posa't la Gorra" by AFANOC is held in PortAventura

“Posa’t la Gorra” by AFANOC is held in PortAventura

After the success of the film Son of Cain at the Malaga Festival and its presentation in Tarragona, the city where this “Mediterranean thriller” was filmed, the team led by the director Jesús Monllaó will be at the long-awaited film-screening in Barcelona today, the 28th May 2013. Part of the cast will be at the “Club Coliseum” cinema (Rambla de Catalunya 23) to enjoy the screening of this film alongside guests and members of the press. Based on Ignacio García Valiño’s bestseller “Dear Cain”, it tells the story of Nico Albert (David Sloans), a difficult and exceptionally gifted teenager with a unique obsession: chess.  Concerned by their son’s strange attitude, his parents decide to hire the services of child psychologist Julio Beltrán.  From there on, the plot traps the viewer in a story where discovering the truth in time will be the only way to avoid the essence of evil taking over the main characters’ lives. With the last scenes being filmed at its Convention Centre, PortAventura Business & Events, together with Life & Pictures, are supporting the promotion of “Son of Cain”.


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Tomorrow, “Son of Cain” debuts in the cinemas.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 21st May 2013, sees the start of  IMEX 2013 in the city of Frankfurt and PortAventura Business & Events will be there. In this event, Franck Bárbaras – Director of Business & Events, PortAventura Convention Centre – together with Jordi Yera – Sales Executive Business & Events, PortAventura Convention Centre – will be attending one of the most important international trade fairs for the MICE sector. As exhibitors (you can find us at the trade fair in Pavilion 8 Spanien, Stand E300), PortAventura B&E will demonstrate to potential clients, companies and agencies, its main selling points: ability to adapt, versatility of available spaces, exclusive opening of areas, location, etc. In this way, it is positioned, yet again, as an ideal location for incentive trips, meetings and events.

Three intense days, with an elaborate programme filled with innovative ideas, aimed at creating a unique environment to favour better business opportunities. In addition to a complete and free educational programme, another unique concept offered by IMEX 2013 is its continuous capacity for innovation, ability to adapt to the needs of the different sector representatives and use of the latest technological tools such as the creation of an IMEX 2013 application for mobile telephones and tablets and its presence on the main social networks.

The building where will take place IMEX 2013.

The building where will take place IMEX 2013.



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PortAventura Convention Centre welcomed onsite the Mediterranean Thriller “Son of Cain, in its fifth week of filming, to shoot the final scenes of the film.  Yet again the PortAventura Business & Events Convention Centre demonstrates its versatility and flexibility as a multi-functional space that adapts to the different needs of clients. Today, Friday 10 May 2013 sees the film’s premiere in Tarragona, which will be attended by the stars and main crew members. 

Son of Cain is a film based on Ignacio García Valiño’s bestseller “Dear Cain”, finalist in the 2006 V City of Torrevieja Novel Award. It tells the story of Nico Albert, a difficult and exceptionally gifted teenager with a unique obsession: chess. Concerned by their son’s strange attitude, his parents decide to hire the services of child psychologist Julio Beltrán. Through therapy and their common love for chess, Julio will enter Nico’s disquieting inner world and complex relationship with his apparently model family, where discovering the truth in time will be the only way to avoid the essence of evil taking over their lives. 

The film’s director, Jesús Monllaó, has written, produced and directed 3 short films, all receiving national and international awards.  The film-maker, born in Tarragona in 1967, chose PortAventura’s Convention Centre as one of the main locations for his first feature film. The cast includes the actors: Jesús Coronado (Nico’s father) who has recently been awarded the Malaga Sur Prize at the 2013 Malaga Festival  in  honour of his professional career;  Maria Molins (Nico’s mother), star of the film “El Bosc” for which she received the Gaudí Award for Best Leading Actress; Julio Manrique (Nico’s therapist), an renowned actor of cinema, television and theatre; David Solans (Nico), who has made his acting debut at the age of 16 years old with this film;  Abril García (Laura, Julio’s niece); Mercè Rovira and Jack Taylor.

PortAventura Business & Events is ready to welcome a wide variety of activities and events. PortAventura clients can enjoy multi-functional and exclusive spaces that adapt to any kind of event. Its premises offer a broad range of settings for work and leisure, notably the PortAventura Convention Centre, 2 parks, 4 four-star hotels, 2000 bedrooms, Beach Club, Golf and Teambuilding activities, etc. All of which epitomise the versatile nature of PortAventura Business & Events.

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The cast of the film: Jesús Coronado, Abril García, David Solans, Maria Molins and Julio Manrique.

The cast of the film: Jesús Coronado, Abril García, David Solans, Maria Molins and Julio Manrique.

The director, Jesus Manllaó, directing the scenes recorded at PortAventura Convention Centre.

The director, Jesus Manllaó, directing the scenes recorded at PortAventura Convention Centre.

The actress Abril García during the filming of "Fill de Caín".

The actress Abril García during the filming of “Son of Caín”.

Presentation of PortAventura Business & Events.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our new Blog: PortAventura Business & Events; an online tool that we hope will be of great use to all professionals in need of a perfect event.

We wish to nourish you, and at the same time allow you to nourish us with your experiences, recommendations and trends in the world of business-related events.

From Shareholders’ Meetings for 10 people to conferences and conventions with an attendance of 3000, there is a range of needs to be met and at PortAventura Business & Events we pride ourselves on having found a suitable solution for every case, by allocating one single events coordinator to handle everything.

We have a spacious convention centre that is internationally renowned, versatile and equipped to perfection. It features cutting-edge technology and design. There are 4 hotels with 2000 rooms, onsite catering at over 30 restaurants able to provide any type of menus and dishes required, golfing, team building activities, live performances. And all of this drenched in the charm of the Mediterranean surroundings; this alone is really quite appealing.

With excellent links to the main international airports and less than an hour from Barcelona, I invite you to come and visit us in person and experience the precision, professionalism, variety of surroundings and proposals that we have to offer, and at the same time the excitement and sensations stirred up by our unique convention centre.

We would like to share with you our successes and experiences through those who know us best: our clients.

We are living in a time when the word “synergy” is more magical than ever before. Where we are all simultaneously customers and suppliers and where the only road to consolidation is excellence. I would like to use the launch of this blog to invite you to become part of our network. And the best way of doing this is to contact us at the e-mail address created for this purpose: Our experts are waiting to deal with you personally on a one-to-one basis. We would be delighted to receive proposals, suggestions, views… and if you wish to share an opinion piece, we will publish it on our Blog. This must become an information exchange for everyone, an accessible document and useful bibliography for all who wish to continue their development within this fascinating profession.

In our line of business we need up-to-date information, originating from experience rather than theory. We know the importance of details at an event of any size and nature in order to build differentiated and successful brand identity.

Thank you to everyone for being here, for following us, and welcome to this new area for sharing communications and forming relationships.

PortAventura Convention Centre

The PortAventura Business & Events  Convention Centre is a flexible space that has capacity for between 10 and 3000 people and is made up of 18 modular rooms, that are bright, multi-functional, served by natural light and can be used for holding any type of event.

The centre covers two floors;  on the ground floor there is a 2500m2 exhibition room, which can be turned into an auditorium for 1200 people. On the first floor there is the Harvard room, a fully-equipped auditorium for 150 people, and the Tarraco room, a premium space that is ideal for board and committee meetings.

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