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The famous Eventoplus Awards reward, year after year, excellence in the field of events, which constitute a great tool for live communication and can provide exceptional moments of human emotion, connections between people and extraordinary experiences.  PortAventura Business & Events attended the eighth edition of these awards, for which the gala was held at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid. Eventoplus is Spain’s largest media communications group within the MICE sector. Since 2000 it has been a source of inspiration, professionalism, information and assistance for the events sector and all its experts. This year, Laura Valdeolivas, Sales Director of PortAventura Business & Events and PortAventura Convention Centre, attended the awards at the head of the table sponsored by B&E.


Eventoplus Awards were held at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid


PortAventura Business & Events attended the Eventoplus Awards

The PortAventura Business & Events Convention Centre provided the cinematic location for the final weeks of filming of a “Mediterranean thriller” starring Jesús Coronado, María Molins and David Solans. Following the presentation of “Son of Cain” at the Malaga and Tarragona festival and the screenings in Madrid and Barcelona, the two main screening locations, the movie had its big screen premiere on 31st May 2013 and was a resounding success both at the box office and with the critics. Jesús Monllaó, said to the publication TravelManager (June 2013, no. 12) that: “The Convention Centre was chosen as one of the locations for the shooting of Son of Cain due to its ample spaces that adapted fully to the demands of the scenes filmed there. Its natural light, which can be found in almost every room in the centre, was also of vital importance, and also particularly noteworthy is the building architecture, the precision of the technical and human services, continually available and of high quality”.

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On 20 June 2013, Montse Garcia and Aitor del Rio, members of PortAventura Business & Events, attended the “Summer Workshop by Partance”. This took place at the Hotel Pershing Hall, an iconic 18th century building situated in the heart of Paris. The event, organised by Partance, is part of a series of “workshops” that are held throughout the year and are intended solely for associates of the company.

The day, attended by a total of 180 people, was a resounding success. It included a presentation of products offered by the different European destinations specialising in holding corporate events. Among the French agencies present, of particular note were the representatives of Connect Factory, Havas, Ormes and Allegria.

workshop 0613-5569A

Montse Garcia and Aitor del Rio, members of PortAventura Business & Events, at the “Summer Workshop by Partance”

– Why did you choose PortAventura for the day of “Posa’t la Gorra”?

MG (Maite Golmayo, AFANOC Communications Director): We wanted to hold the end of campaign party somewhere that was suitable both for children and for teenagers and adults, an area for entertainment where the family and friends of children with cancer could also cut loose and have fun. An outdoor space but with all kinds of services, an area that could ensure the safety and smooth running of the party, a large space! PortAventura not only meets but exceeds all of this thanks to its attractions that double the appeal of the party!

– What is your lasting image of this day, 9th June, at PortAventura?

MG: It’s hard to pick just one as I’m sure that there were a lot that we have overlooked. For us, the fact that an entire family can have fun together, despite all their obstacles, problems or limitations, to experience together moments of happiness, is priceless. But if I had to choose only one, our favourite would be the AFANOC manifesto, when some children who have lived through this reality got up on stage and read a manifesto together with institutional representatives and in front of everybody. It is a magical moment because it brings us all together, children, families, volunteers, administration, board and AFANOC, we are all one big family that got together on that day to thank everyone and say, “Okay, it’s hard, it’s difficult, but thanks to the efforts of all we are making this condition more bearable and here we are today all having fun together!

– How does an event such as the day of “Posa’t la Gorra” at PortAventura positively affect children?

MG: Is there something more positive for a child than to play and share? But the most important thing is the opportunity to raise awareness in a normal and natural way, for society to get to know a reality that is often stigmatised. Children are always children first, before everything else including the disease and the priority for them is to continue playing, having fun and learning.

– How many families are currently registered as part of the AFANOC programme?

MG: I can give you data from 2012 for each area; the figures for 2013 need to be added to these.

Psychology: Beneficiaries: 779

Families served: 229

Psycho-pedagogy: Beneficiaries: 7

Families served: 2

Reflexology and massage: Beneficiaries: 476

Families served: 140

Social work: Beneficiaries: 677

Families served: 199

Hospital volunteers: Beneficiaries: 2421

Families served: 712

Leisure in the hospital: Beneficiaries: 2380

Families served: 700

Leisure outside the hospital: Beneficiaries: 245

Families served: 72

“Posa’t la Gorra”: Beneficiaries: 1,057

Families served: 311

Home volunteers: Beneficiaries: 95

Families served: 28

La Casa de los Xuklis care home: Beneficiaries: 445

Families served: 131

Total families served 1800


– What are AFANOC’s immediate plans for the future?

MG: Having achieved the main objectives over the past 25 years (hospital facility improvements, changes in laws and strengthening the campaign Posa’t la Gorra!) our priority is to maintain La Casa de los Xuklis and continue to offer services free of charge to families, both at home and in hospitals, within the Tarragona and Lleida regions. In short, to keep working to improve the quality of life of these children and their families. That’s no mean feat!

– Do you plan to extend the message beyond Catalonia?

MG: Although we are the Children’s Cancer Association of Catalonia, at La Casa de los Xuklis we welcome families not only from anywhere within Catalonia but from all autonomous regions that are referred to the reference hospitals of Barcelona, such as San Juan de Dios or Vall d’Hebron. We have even welcomed families from other countries as Vall d’Hebron Hospital works in international cooperation with other European hospitals.

– What values does AFANOC pursue?

MG: Without a doubt we believe in equality, solidarity, social justice, family … we work from the perspective that these children should not be discriminated against at any time and that precisely because of their special circumstances, things should be made easier for them.

"Posa't la Gorra" de AFANOC en PortAventura B&E

AFANOC (Associació de Familiars i Amics de Nens Oncològics de Catalunya)

"Posa't la Gorra" by AFANOC is held in PortAventura

“Posa’t la Gorra” by AFANOC is held in PortAventura

Tomorrow, Tuesday 21st May 2013, sees the start of  IMEX 2013 in the city of Frankfurt and PortAventura Business & Events will be there. In this event, Franck Bárbaras – Director of Business & Events, PortAventura Convention Centre – together with Jordi Yera – Sales Executive Business & Events, PortAventura Convention Centre – will be attending one of the most important international trade fairs for the MICE sector. As exhibitors (you can find us at the trade fair in Pavilion 8 Spanien, Stand E300), PortAventura B&E will demonstrate to potential clients, companies and agencies, its main selling points: ability to adapt, versatility of available spaces, exclusive opening of areas, location, etc. In this way, it is positioned, yet again, as an ideal location for incentive trips, meetings and events.

Three intense days, with an elaborate programme filled with innovative ideas, aimed at creating a unique environment to favour better business opportunities. In addition to a complete and free educational programme, another unique concept offered by IMEX 2013 is its continuous capacity for innovation, ability to adapt to the needs of the different sector representatives and use of the latest technological tools such as the creation of an IMEX 2013 application for mobile telephones and tablets and its presence on the main social networks.

The building where will take place IMEX 2013.

The building where will take place IMEX 2013.



Meeting & Incentive Summit

Meeting & Incentive Summit






Museo del Traje de Madrid

Museo del Traje de Madrid

Meeting & Incentive Summit

Meeting & Incentive Summit

On Wednesday 24 April 2013, PortAventura Business & Events attended, as one of the sponsors and exhibitors, the event Meeting & Incentive Summit. Held in Madrid’s Museo del Traje, this was the first edition of an event targeted at the sector of incentives and meetings, offering its guests the chance to meet up with other professionals and raise the profile of their businesses.    

Organised by Grupo eventoplus, it was a networking and training event that took place within an informal setting.  The gardens of the Museo del Traje in Madrid allowed for a combination of indoor and outdoor sessions such as a “talk and walk” (Freudian Walk). Amongst the speakers, of particular note were Catherine McGavock (Director of GBTA Europe), Inma Puig (Expert in Group Dynamics and Behaviour Analysis), Thessa van der Plas (Meeting & Event Space Manager for Nike), Ib Ravn (Founder of “Learning Lab Denmark), Lotten Tegstan Welinder (Meeting Concept Owner/ Regional Manager for IKEA) and Mike van der Vivjer (Co-founder of Mindmeeting) and author of the book phenomenon “Into the Heart of Meetings”.

Another outstanding aspect was the diversity of the sessions and formats (TED, Pecha Kucha, Open Space, Brain Storm, etc.) of the day’s agenda; all with an approximate duration of 20 minutes (the average attention span of the human brain). However the star format of the day was delivered by Campfire with sessions of 8 to 10 people who had the opportunity to communicate directly with the speaker.

To ensure successful networking during the “Meeting & Incentive Summit“, an appointments schedule was made in order to allow visitors to connect with the suppliers.   For this purpose the event app, mini golf and a lounge area were all great successes. It was attended by more than 70 exhibitors and 150 guests, who were exclusively sector professionals and sponsors (travel managers, event organisers, buyers, PCOs, DMCs, and incentive agencies). Finally it should be highlighted that PortAventura Business & Events was present at the networking dinner attended by some of the event attendees: national and international companies and agencies.

At MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia), Barcelona on 13 March and at the Palacio Neptuno (Neptune Palace), Madrid on 20 March, Eric Mottard, CEO of Eventoplus, presented the “2013 Market Study: from Show to Business. The study analyses the current status of the “meetings & events” industry in Spain. As part of the study, three surveys and several polls were carried out. They considered the different segments of activity of professionals, agencies and some of the most representative companies in the sector.

Although we are in the middle of a recession, this hasn’t affected the sector in any serious way; events have become a vital component in marketing and communication strategies. However, there has been a decrease in budgets in recent years, which has had a negative impact. Even so, looking at things from a positive perspective, this has also resulted in a shake-up of efficiency and more professionality in the management of events. One of the most significant conclusions from this study is that people are still trying to meet objectives, recoup on investments and find the right strategy. In other words, the show remains important but what really matters today is the business.

Another of the aspects that were evaluated in the study, part of which was published in issue 45 of Eventos Magazine, is social networking and Web 2.0. Their use has increased by 59% and in addition other innovative elements such as 3D mapping and Apps have been introduced. Although new communication technologies are located at the top of the budget pyramid invested in an event, they end up being at the bottom of the objectives and return on investment pyramid.

In Eventos Magazine, Franck Barbaras, CEO of PortAventura Business & Events and PortAventura Convention Centre answers one of the main questions raised in the market study: What is happening with regard to the demand for innovation in the “meetings & events” sector? As he says, We already know that austerity isn’t the solution, either for countries or companies. Professionalising events could help companies to see them as a strategic marketing and sales tool. The keys to this are: ROI analysis, Strategic Meeting Management and the need when we are so connected to the virtual world to offer experimental marketing which creates emotions and promotes high quality networking.



Dubai "Confec Red" February 2013

Dubai “Confec Red” February 2013

Durante los pasados días 7, 8 y 9 de febrero de 2013, se celebraron tres intensas jornadas de citas “one to one” en las que compradores de agencias y empresas de UK e Irlanda buscaban nuevos destinos e infraestructuras para proponer a sus clientes. De esta manera, los proveedores pudieron captar nuevas agencias y empresas con gran potencial en el sector de organización de eventos.

El evento Dubai “Confec Red se inició con un cocktail de bienvenida para todos los asistentes, seguido de dos días de reuniones, citas, actividades de team-building, cenas, etc. Gracias a este formato de evento, se facilitó que parte de las entrevistas tuvieran un mayor contacto con los compradores gracias los coffee breaks, almuerzos, comidas, cenas y otras actividades.

La actividad de team-building consistió en una ginkana en uno de los lujosos resorts de Dubai, concretamente Jumeirah Madinat, terminando después con una cena frente al único hotel de 7 estrellas del mundo: “Burj Al Arab” Hotel.

Para la celebración de la cena de gala, el hotel seleccionado fue el Atlantis, situado en Palm Jumeirah una de las islas artificiales del archipiélago Palm que posee uno de los acuarios privados más grandes del mundo. Montse Garcia, Sales Development Manager de PortAventura Business & Events estuvo allí para participando de este exclusivo encuentro.

On 7, 8 and 9 February 2013, three intense days of one-to-one appointments in which buyers from agencies and companies in the UK and Ireland sought new destinations and infrastructures to recommend to their clients, enabling providers to gain new business from agencies and companies with great potential in the events organisation sector.

The Dubai “Confec Red event began with a welcome cocktail for all attendees, followed by days of meetings, appointments, team building activities, dinners, etc.   The format of this event made it easier to mingle and facilitated greater contact with buyers thanks to coffee breaks, lunches, dinners and other activities.

The team building activity consisted for a gymkhana at one of the most luxurious resorts in Dubai, Jumeirah Madinat, ending with dinner in front of the only 7-star hotel in the world:  Burj Al Arab.

The hotel selected for the gala dinner, was the Atlantis, situated on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, which is home to one of the world’s largest private aquariums.   Montse Garcia, Sales Development Manager for PortAventura Business & Events was there to participate in this exclusive gathering.

Dubai architecture

Dubai architecture





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