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Este mes de junio PortAventura volvió a “ponerse la gorra” con la 13ª fiesta organizada por AFANOC y con la colaboración de PortAventura Business & Events.

AFANOC repitió fórmula en la que se distribuyeron más de 15.000 gorras solidarias, con más de 11.000 asistentes en una fiesta que captó todas las miradas en una jornada repleta de actividades para todos los públicos. En esta decimotercera edición, todos los beneficios fueron dirigidos para conseguir más recursos para sacar adelante proyectos y programas previstos, además de dar respuesta a las necesidades de las familias y garantizar la sostenibilidad en el futuro.

PortAventura Business & Events, se sumó a la fiesta solidaria apoyando a todas las familias que luchan día a día para transmitir el mensaje de la asociación a toda la población sobre esta enfermedad que afecta a niños y niñas a temprana edad.


12th Edition of “Posa’t la gorra” by AFANOC.

One more year PortAventura is celebrating the charity children’s party.

Next Sunday 1st June, PortAventura will host the most eagerly awaited big party for young and old alike. A day to have a great time, but above all to help and support children and teenagers with cancer.

Whoever wishes to participate simply has to buy the cap, symbol of the campaign and which this year has been designed by the celebrated company Kukuxumusu, for 18 euros and which allows free entry to PortAventura Park for the whole day (1st June).

The money raised will go towards improving the quality of life of the boys and girls suffering from cancer, improving their hospital conditions and, at the same time, supporting “The House of Xuklis”, a place of shelter for those families who have to travel to the surrounding area to receive treatment at the referral hospitals.

The party will be a guaranteed success, without a doubt.  To this end,  PortAventura has provided all the human and material means possible, to make the party an unforgettable experience for all the families taking part.

The singer, Elena Gadel, and the composer, Pedro Pardo will be the  celebrities chosen to present their acts on the main stage, located in Plaza de China.

Following that, there will be star performances, like “Deudeveu”, who with their incredible voices triumphed on TV3´s flagship programme “Oh happy day”. At the same time, with “Els Bandarra Street Orkestra” you are assured a very hard-hitting performance with their Brazilian percussion and of course, their flair on stage.

There will also be a parade through the different areas of the park. Aligueta i Vibrieta from Tarragona, Els gegants from Reus i el Drac from Mataró.  There will be children’s performances, such as “El Circ de les Mesaranyas”, workshops for learning and developing creativity through play and much more.

Don’t forget this 1st June at PortAventura (By the way, we are already wearing our caps!) You can’t miss it!

– Why did you choose PortAventura for the day of “Posa’t la Gorra”?

MG (Maite Golmayo, AFANOC Communications Director): We wanted to hold the end of campaign party somewhere that was suitable both for children and for teenagers and adults, an area for entertainment where the family and friends of children with cancer could also cut loose and have fun. An outdoor space but with all kinds of services, an area that could ensure the safety and smooth running of the party, a large space! PortAventura not only meets but exceeds all of this thanks to its attractions that double the appeal of the party!

– What is your lasting image of this day, 9th June, at PortAventura?

MG: It’s hard to pick just one as I’m sure that there were a lot that we have overlooked. For us, the fact that an entire family can have fun together, despite all their obstacles, problems or limitations, to experience together moments of happiness, is priceless. But if I had to choose only one, our favourite would be the AFANOC manifesto, when some children who have lived through this reality got up on stage and read a manifesto together with institutional representatives and in front of everybody. It is a magical moment because it brings us all together, children, families, volunteers, administration, board and AFANOC, we are all one big family that got together on that day to thank everyone and say, “Okay, it’s hard, it’s difficult, but thanks to the efforts of all we are making this condition more bearable and here we are today all having fun together!

– How does an event such as the day of “Posa’t la Gorra” at PortAventura positively affect children?

MG: Is there something more positive for a child than to play and share? But the most important thing is the opportunity to raise awareness in a normal and natural way, for society to get to know a reality that is often stigmatised. Children are always children first, before everything else including the disease and the priority for them is to continue playing, having fun and learning.

– How many families are currently registered as part of the AFANOC programme?

MG: I can give you data from 2012 for each area; the figures for 2013 need to be added to these.

Psychology: Beneficiaries: 779

Families served: 229

Psycho-pedagogy: Beneficiaries: 7

Families served: 2

Reflexology and massage: Beneficiaries: 476

Families served: 140

Social work: Beneficiaries: 677

Families served: 199

Hospital volunteers: Beneficiaries: 2421

Families served: 712

Leisure in the hospital: Beneficiaries: 2380

Families served: 700

Leisure outside the hospital: Beneficiaries: 245

Families served: 72

“Posa’t la Gorra”: Beneficiaries: 1,057

Families served: 311

Home volunteers: Beneficiaries: 95

Families served: 28

La Casa de los Xuklis care home: Beneficiaries: 445

Families served: 131

Total families served 1800


– What are AFANOC’s immediate plans for the future?

MG: Having achieved the main objectives over the past 25 years (hospital facility improvements, changes in laws and strengthening the campaign Posa’t la Gorra!) our priority is to maintain La Casa de los Xuklis and continue to offer services free of charge to families, both at home and in hospitals, within the Tarragona and Lleida regions. In short, to keep working to improve the quality of life of these children and their families. That’s no mean feat!

– Do you plan to extend the message beyond Catalonia?

MG: Although we are the Children’s Cancer Association of Catalonia, at La Casa de los Xuklis we welcome families not only from anywhere within Catalonia but from all autonomous regions that are referred to the reference hospitals of Barcelona, such as San Juan de Dios or Vall d’Hebron. We have even welcomed families from other countries as Vall d’Hebron Hospital works in international cooperation with other European hospitals.

– What values does AFANOC pursue?

MG: Without a doubt we believe in equality, solidarity, social justice, family … we work from the perspective that these children should not be discriminated against at any time and that precisely because of their special circumstances, things should be made easier for them.

"Posa't la Gorra" de AFANOC en PortAventura B&E

AFANOC (Associació de Familiars i Amics de Nens Oncològics de Catalunya)

"Posa't la Gorra" by AFANOC is held in PortAventura

“Posa’t la Gorra” by AFANOC is held in PortAventura


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